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The King is now Audi's top creation, the new A8, is shockingly unveiled

The new generation (fifth generation) of Audi A8 finally met the world in Barcelona, Spain. In fact, long before the release of the latest flagship, Audi has leaked various new technologies that will appear on the new car in different channels, such as Spider-Man using the prototype of the new Audi A8 equipped with Audi AI for his driving test, so that the superhero who actually sucks at driving scored a bunch of "100 points" from the examiner.

Let's start with a short video clip to get a first look at the latest Audi high-tech flagship

The video is certainly good-looking, but there may still be some places that need to be explained, such as the Audi AI active suspension system applied above the A8.

The Audi AI Active Suspension that saves lives in critical moments

The new Audi A8 uses a 48V electrical system that features electrically adjustable active suspension and four-wheel steering in addition to an automatic start-stop system, with a separate motor control for each of the four corners that electrically adjusts the suspension up and down in real time.

These motors will be controlled by Audi AI and will capture three-dimensional information about the road at 18 times/second via the front camera, with the processor deciding how the motors respond, in addition to better improving handling quality, when encountering bumpy roads ahead. The car can automatically adjust the wheels to respond in real time, including damping changes and compression/lifting suspension travel, to smoothly cross various road surfaces and keep the vehicle driving at a smooth level as much as possible that takes the comfort of the Audi A8 to a whole new level.

But the blackest and more interesting thing is Audi AI can also use this system to lift (compress) the suspension on the side to be hit if an imminent side impact is detected In this way, more of the impact energy can be absorbed by the chassis and side suspension in addition to the doors and side pillars, which can better cushion side impacts and protect the occupants of the car, which is really a very effective solution to enhance safety in side impacts where there is not much cushioning space.

Probably you have already sighed at Audi NB here, real - high tech. However, since Audi AI is already so NB, it seems like another thing that requires wit to try and challenge it? Yes, I'm talking about autonomous driving, in fact, if you've seen previous A8 promos (like the Spider-Man driving test we mentioned in the opening post), you'll see that autonomous driving is no longer called a challenge for the Audi A8.

The first mass-produced model developed for highly automated driving

The new Audi A8 is the world's first production model to achieve a high level of automated driving (level 3). Audi AI congestion autonomous driving system will begin to take over control of driving by activating the AI button on the centre console when the vehicle is travelling slowly at speeds of no more than 60 km/h on roads with isolation zones

When activated, Audi AI Congestion Autopilot manipulates the car's start, acceleration, steering and braking, and the driver's hands can even be freed from the steering wheel to focus on other things instead, like tweeting and checking friends.

Also, in the event of an autonomous driving system operating upper limit, the system immediately informs the driver to regain control of the drive.

However, it is important to emphasize that this system needs to be adapted to meet the requirements of different countries' specific regulations. And while the Audi A8's tech allows you to take your hands off the wheel, state law doesn't necessarily allow In addition, Audi suggests that the system should only be used on roads with a barrier, so if you encounter a lot of pedestrians or electric vehicles, please do not try it.

There may not be many opportunities to try the autopilot, but the self-parking feature will be available for daily use.

Audi AI Parking Autopilot and Audi AI Garage Autopilot enable automatic parking of the A8 into and out of a parking space or garage, while the driver monitors the operation.

Instead of sitting in the car, you can simply launch the appropriate system via the myAudi app on your smartphone to achieve this thoughtful function - note that this is not a remote control - the Audi A8 is on "autopilot" when this function is activated, which is a step up from the previous autopark remote parking.

Inside the previous teaser video

The father went upstairs with his son in his arms

Let the Audi A8 park itself

If the owner also wants to monitor the parking operation, simply press and hold the Audi AI button on the mobile app to view the live image on the smartphone via Audi's 360-degree camera.

Now there is only one question left, will the Audi AI play chess?

Audi A8 takes the name "Light Factory" to new heights

Thanks to the dazzling Audi laser illumination HD Matrix LED headlights and OLED technology LED rear light strip, when the driver approaches and leaves the car, it will present different lighting effects corresponding to it, specifically, the angle and range of the light field can be adjusted automatically according to the road conditions ahead, so as to shine clearly and not affect other vehicles.

As Audi's latest black technology, the laser headlights have a longer and wider range and greater brightness than the LED headlights previously used by the luxury brands (including the A8's predecessor).

Bigger, stronger, more complex and safer bodies

The new generation Audi A8 is based on the mlb Evo platform and has only slightly increased in size over the current model, with the standard-axle version having a wheelbase stuck at exactly 3m, just 2998mm, an increase of 6mm over the current model, and a length of just over 5m17. For Chinese customers, the long-wheelbase version makes even more sense, with a wheelbase increase of 130 mm to 3128 mm and a length of over 5m3

Although the larger body size and the addition of more high technology have made the fifth-generation Audi A8 inevitably heavier than the old model, Audi engineers are doing everything possible to further explore the possibilities of the new A8's light weight, such as the inclusion of magnesium alloy and CFRP carbon fiber reinforced plastic in the new A8's ASF body structure to control the weight of the body in some detail. The body structure is also 24% more torsionally rigid than its predecessor --Flagship, safety has never been left to chance.

Looking back at the developments of the past few years, we all look forward to what life will look like in the future, and we can see the important role of "smart" in future automotive products on the new Audi A8L. Audi has done everything it can to make this flagship a more technologically advanced, more luxurious car than we know.

A new era for automobiles, new design music plays strongest in the A8L

"Wide front," "flat grille," "sporty waistline"... you won't see any of this language less often if you've followed the new-generation Audi A8L, but for this class and for the A8L, such conventional descriptions don't matter.

The Audi Prologue concept was unveiled more than two years ago and at the time foreshadowed the future design style orientation of the Audi family. The new A8L before us is the first production model of this design language and will no doubt lead the way for other new Audi cars as well.

Body Size Comparison Chart

Model Length Width Height Wheelbase(mm)

New generation A8L 5302 1945 1485 3128

Audi A8L 5268 1949 1471 3122

bmw 7 series 5250 1902 1498 3210

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 5283 1905 1497 3165

A new generation of models is available, and we will compare them to the old ones. Side modeling compared to the old car does not change much, Audi temperament in the side performance is still strong, not exaggerated, exquisite enough, is a typical German aesthetic.

The rear and head became more sporty, and the Coupe-style addition, while not so dramatic, still revealed the new idea of the times by maintaining the A8's traditional arc roof design.

Playing with lights, Audi plays slick, serious and more high-tech!

Laser, LED and OLED, all three advanced light-emitting technologies currently available in cars, are present in the Audi A8L, which naturally improves a lot in terms of illumination field, but for more people, the cool change in visual effect seems more important.

The intelligent LED headlights contain 138 LEDs and a high-performance laser module that allows flexible adjustment of the illumination area and intensity. The laser module can fill in the light after the vehicle speed exceeds 70km/h. The fill in light for corners when turning comes from the navigation data, ensuring maximum illumination of the corner.

The application of modern light source technology in cars adds a lot of light to the visual aesthetics, and Audi knows how to do this. The lighting technology not only enhances the illumination effect, but also enhances the optical aesthetics, which subconsciously enhances the luxury taste.

* Pioneer of all-aluminum body with new manufacturing concept

Audi has been investing in research in this field for 36 years, starting in 1982 and continuing to this day. The "Audi Space Frame" (Audi ASF) is not only a corporate manufacturing technology, but also a representation of the advanced level of body manufacturing.

In the body design, Audi proposes "the right material for the right place", magnesium alloy and carbon fiber are added in order to ensure crash safety and other requirements, while reducing the weight of the body as much as possible. The new generation A8L weighs 282kg in white and is once again 24% more rigid.

Audi AI" unlocks the future with one click

AI (artificial intelligence) is a word we haven't seen much in various tech articles, but when it appears as a separate button in the cockpit of Audi's new generation A8L, we can appreciate Audi's unique understanding of intelligent AI technology in cars.

Audi's understanding of AI in cars is not narrow, it includes autonomous driving, intelligent driving assistance, intelligent parking and deep Internet analytics capabilities, it is good to say that it is a technology package, but it seems more appropriate to see it as Audi's deep integration of automotive intelligence technology.

Get to the point! The new A8L is the world's first production model to be equipped with L3-level autonomous driving.

When the "Autopilot" function is switched on, the vehicle can stop, accelerate, steer and brake in its own lane independently in slow traffic conditions at speeds of up to 60 km/h. The driver does not need to monitor the vehicle at all times, and will be given an alert message when road conditions prevent automated driving from being completed, and the driver will take over the car again.

Get to the point! The new A8L enables parking to be done automatically without the driver in the car.

The driver monitors the operation process, but without sitting in the car, it can be switched on via the new myAudi app on the smartphone. Alternatively, if the driver remains at the controls in the car, the Audi AI Autoparking system can be activated via the AI button on the center console.

Get to the point! 48V electrical system leads the way with a small reduction in fuel consumption.

The shift to 48V electrical systems for cars is the big trend, and there are many technical advantages to this type of automotive electrical system that allows vehicles to turn off their engines and coasting without power as a way to reduce fuel consumption. Basically, it changes our perception of "the engine must run when the vehicle is moving".

The principle does not need to be detailed, intuitively speaking, the new Audi A8L can achieve complete engine shutdown for coasting after releasing the gas pedal between 55 km/h and 160 km/h. The vehicle can be driven with zero emissions for up to 40 seconds, and fuel consumption can be reduced by a relative 0.7L per 100 km.

* A different kind of luxury with a strong technological atmosphere

Starting with the new generation Audi A8L, Audi's interior opens a new chapter with a technology-driven design that is devoid of details like wood trim that we commonly see on luxury flagships.

Without the large wood veneer, the Audi A8L turns to a large amount of piano lacquer as the visual theme for the interior, creating a superior sense of luxury technology to the vehicle's interior with the interplay of light and shadow.

Again, scratch that! The multimedia system almost completely bids farewell to physical buttons and physical knobs.

After four generations of evolution, the new MMI multimedia control system is fully touch-controlled on this generation of the A8L, eliminating all physical buttons and knobs except for the volume knob.

Demo of the new Audi A8 multimedia system

The center of the dashboard is a 10.1-inch touchscreen, and when closed, the black panel appearance blends almost completely with the black high-gloss surround. The entire multimedia system is a very close operating experience to our smart tablets.

In many details, the new Audi A8L also takes into account details that most of us would not have expected, such as the door handle opening details, the second row of foot massage function and so on.

The new Audi A8 rear-row technology experience

As the second row, which is more frequently used by Audi A8L users, the new generation also offers the most thoughtful service possible. The traditional small table and rich operating functions continue to be retained, but the new generation A8L has significantly improved the user experience. In addition to the visible and tactile multimedia devices and foot massage functions, the new generation A8L has also significantly improved the comfort level in details such as audio and reading lights.

To sum up.

The arrival of the new A8L means more than simply being Audi's flagship model. From it we can get a glimpse of Audi's understanding of the future of smart cars, as well as Audi's unique understanding of the exterior, interior and other design aspects of cars in the new era.

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