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The Kirin 980 experience is explosive! Huawei Mate20 debuts or is the most powerful flagship phone of the year

September is about to complete the first week of the journey, however, for the smartphone industry, for Huawei, the past period of time, Huawei in this year's IFA electronics show launched Huawei's new generation of top artificial intelligence mobile chip - Kirin 980 news is still the whole industry shaking the fulcrum, not only that, Huawei Mate20 will become the first flagship phone equipped with Kirin 980.

About this processor, the world's first commercial 7nm process, the first to support LTE Cat.21 in communication, the world's fastest LPDDR4X particles in memory, etc. This is nothing, but more importantly, Kirin 980 becomes the mobile chip equipped with Dual-NPU (Dual-NPU).

Six world firsts have led to unprecedented expectations for this processor, but what do these advantages add up to? Perhaps the following data can clear up a few things for you.

Taking the 7nm process on Kirin 980 as an example, it integrates 6.9 billion transistors compared to 5.5 billion on Kirin 970, which makes, Kirin 980's performance 75% higher and power consumption 58% lower compared to Kirin 970.

It is a well-known fact that mobile phone chip performance is often improved in the past in 10 percentage points is already a rare thing, and Kirin 980 compared to its predecessor nearly double the improvement and power consumption has been reduced, which means that in a short time Kirin 980 not only aims to surpass itself, but more importantly, Kirin processor performance to make up for a "complete" - full breakthrough performance on the shackles put on Huawei phones.

Another statistic is the Kirin 980 with the dual-core NPU on board: with the implementation of the dual-core NPU, the Kirin 980 is able to achieve 4,500 images per minute recognition. The processing time of information is precise and swift, which of course makes it possible for the terminal device equipped with this processor - Huawei phones - to achieve true AI scene recognition.

In the past, limited by the lack of mobile phone chip performance, image processing capabilities, smart phones mobile phones mentioned AI artificial intelligence is often some stretched scenario applications, including face recognition, object recognition, object detection and other brand new play is at most a tasting use, but can not do to really enhance the role of interaction.

And with the Kirin 980's integrated dual-core NPU, it manages to make this vision a reality. If the previous AI scene recognition was only recognizing outlines, Kirin 980 advanced to recognizing details; if the previous AI scene recognition was still only recognizing static pictures, it can now advance to detecting videos. Rough scene segmentation to fine segmentation, AI arithmetic brings a height of improvement that previous generations of processors could not reach.

In addition to image processing, Huawei has also created its own Flex-Scheduling technology, which brings a new intelligent prediction and scheduling mechanism for AI. In the common parlance, shooting a mosquito with an anti-aircraft gun is just the same.

We can see that the application of AI artificial intelligence has become one of the breakthrough points that mobile phone manufacturers have focused more on in recent years. Kirin 980 has rapidly improved the extreme of what this mobile phone chip can achieve through the transformation of process technology (10nm~7nm), CPU architecture to GPU architecture and even the application of dual-core NPU, etc.

From efficient allocation of resources to lower power consumption, from architectural changes to improve performance to effectively improve bandwidth latency issues, Kirin 980 CPU performance and power consumption, process technology, AI computing performance, mobile and Wi-Fi network speed, LPDDR4X performance, gaming performance ushered in a full range of improvements, it is no surprise that it is considered a no-nonsense "king of chips".

It's not hard to imagine that whoever is used by Kirin 980 for the first time in the future, its leaps in performance and even other aspects will easily make it a top choice in the minds of gaming-heavy users and even users of the overall experience. There is no doubt that the Kirin 980 debut in the upcoming Huawei Mate20 series of phones will bring us another surprise, so let's look forward to the arrival of Huawei Mate20 together.

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