The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology assists, WeChat this bullying clause will soon be abolished, netizens: fantastic

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology assists, WeChat this bullying clause will soon be abolished, netizens: fantastic

The advent of the Internet has brought people closer together and its appeal is becoming known, thus making it very popular. Nowadays, the Internet is in every household and even in every person, and with the common use of mobile phones, it makes the development of the Internet even more rapid. Traditional instant messaging is being replaced by Internet communication, and people in China prefer to use software such as WeChat and QQ to communicate. The introduction and use of WeChat has brought people closer to each other and has brought better convenience to people's lives and work.

Today industries like to use ecological relationships to develop in many ways, and ecological development is good for business development and user retention. You should know that in the era of big data, many people are talking about more efficiency and convenience, and big data also brings infinite possibilities to such requirements, which constitute a variety of ecology under big data, and this ecology both facilitates and catches the users, making it difficult for them to leave. So many companies develop like to use this means, WeChat is one of the representatives, you know nowadays the network is very developed, WeChat bound to our many personal information and even bank cards, ID cards, so many users are worried about information leakage, in this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in recent days also issued a new order.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's order requires WeChat to make a correction, and the change is that users must be unconditionally supported to log out of their accounts. You know, in the face of such a developed information age, many users are very worried about information leakage, so some users will give up some of the convenience brought by technology, and to protect their information security, there is also a large proportion of users want to cancel WeChat and other platform accounts.

Before this, WeChat did not open the function of canceling WeChat, and in contrast, many other platforms give users the option to cancel their accounts, while WeChat has not opened this function, the root cause is caused by WeChat's "bullying clause".

We know that when registering a micro signal you have to bind your mobile phone number to register and have to be authenticated before you can use it. If our micro signal and mobile phone number are not available, then this micro signal will be logged by the next user of this number, which eventually causes a large amount of information loss and a serious threat to the user's property and security. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially ordered WeChat to rectify this service, but also to the majority of WeChat users brought a great gospel, service providers are originally used to serve users, and WeChat's "bullying terms" has brought great inconvenience to users, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology order let the majority of netizens feel, great! What do you think?

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