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Artificial intelligence is permeating our lives. Artificial intelligence products have emerged in recent years, with unmanned supermarkets, intelligent voice assistants and intelligent machine pets appearing frequently in people's lives. We feel the new life that technological developments have brought us and we also have concerns about the future direction of technology. Ignorance of the boundaries of intelligence causes us to make uncontrollable predictions about the future development of AI. But what is artificial intelligence? What stage of development has it reached now? What will be the real impact on us in the future? We cannot make a more rational thought or judgment when we do not understand something. The theme of this book club is "Modern Communication Technology and Artificial Intelligence", and we will go into "Artificial Intelligence" together with you. I hope that we can further understand "artificial intelligence", and at the same time, we can welcome the coming era of artificial intelligence more comfortably and confidently.

The Past Life of Artificial Intelligence

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One of the first AI technologies to appear around us was the voice assistant on smartphones. The advent of intelligent voice assistants has opened a chapter in human-machine communication. But what problems can AI actually solve for us? Before we can discuss this, we need to understand what AI is -


What is Artificial Intelligence


The Origins of Artificial Intelligence

The discipline of computing is built on the foundation of a strong mathematical kingdom. One direction of development in the digital realm is the digital universe. The first systematic realization of the digital universe should be traced back to China and the 64 trigrams of the I Ching. The seventeenth-century Leibniz saw the two-level system of coding as the key to a universal language and attributed this invention to the Chinese, who saw in the hexagrams of the I Ching "vestiges of binary arithmetic" and who further expressed the logic of dichotomy. Through number-crunching, mankind will have a new apparatus that will greatly enhance the power of the mind and do so more dramatically than optical lenses do for the eyes ...... Only when the reasoning is as clear and unambiguous as the present arithmetic can it remove all doubt.

The key event point in the development of artificial intelligence was: 1953.

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The development of artificial intelligence -


Developments in artificial intelligence and the use of robotics

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A unique book club that saw little robots in action, learned about the progression of computers, and mentally prepared for the coming age of intelligence.

I'm amazed at how fast the technology is moving, but still have faith in the irreplaceability of humans. It used to be the age of the big knowledge explosion, now it's the big technology explosion and people are still more prepared.

But any era has its own concerns, and while technology will make life easier, it will also be busier. Just like driving, it makes it easy for people to get around, but it also causes congestion. Society has to develop and progress, just like human growth does not depend on human will, we just need to adjust our mindset and keep recharging, we will always find the right job for us. The disappearance of some industries will give birth to new ones. The future will be more liberal, and any real talent will be used as long as it is there.


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