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The "Protect the Children - Cyber Safety Lesson", let's learn together!

To further popularize web In the morning of April 19, Hu Tai Town Cultural Station and Hu Tai Liren Kindergarten carried out an educational activity on internet safety to guide minors to surf the internet safely, greenly and healthily, and to protect the healthy growth of children and teenagers.

During the event, the children of Liren Kindergarten studied and watched the "Protecting the Seedlings" at the Hu Tai Library. web Safety Lessons" is an educational animated video on the topic. The video is 5 episodes, each 2 to 3 minutes long, in the form of live-action animation. The content of the video is divided into five main themes: "Protecting personal information security", "Staying away from undesirable information", "Preventing online fraud", "Rejecting cyberbullying" and "Resisting pirated publications". The content is closely related to the hot issues of cyber security, lively and easy to understand.

The kids who are listening carefully are the cutest!

Afterwards, the staff of the cultural station combined with video lessons, focusing on the importance of Internet safety and how to properly access the Internet and other safety tips, and interacted with the children on site. Children have expressed the need to consciously resist bad information on the Internet and to be a little guard of Internet safety.

This activity gives children and teenagers a more in-depth understanding of Internet safety, and we also realize that Internet safety can not be delayed, and the action of protecting children is always on the way, we will do our best to protect the healthy success of children!


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