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The Right Way to Open Big Data

Recently, many new people have come here, so in order to let you understand the use of big data indicators faster and better, the following briefly combined with illustrations to explain.

Big data trend indicators chart.


1. White line representing the big data trend line. purple line Represents the long-short balance line.

2、 The white line is above the purple line the broader market as a whole is an upward trend , below the purple line the broader market as a whole is Downward trend

3、 Depending on the position and course of the white line, four typical patterns exist, recurring.

Indicator usage.

1、 There are two types of turning points: expected turning points, and trend turning points.

Expected Turning Points: Upper Turning Head, Lower Turning Head

Trend turning points: up through, down through

2、 The main function of the expected turning point is to decelerate and turn, while the main function of the trend turning point is to confirm and accelerate.

3、 An upturn usually ends at the expected turning point - lower head (e.g. A, B, C, E, G, H in the chart), and a few end at the trend turning point - lower penetration (e.g. D, F in the chart).

4、 A decline usually ends in a secondary upper inflection head (like 1, 2, 3, 4 in the chart), and the first time is mostly unsuccessful.

5、 Positions can be controlled based on indicators to balance returns and safety.


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