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The "Unicorn" of online taxi platforms

Nowadays, the Internet and people's lives have become inseparable, take people's travel, most people have moved from offline to online, the concept of online taxi has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. The practical role of internet-hailed vehicles, which do facilitate travel, is becoming more and more apparent as a supplement to the traditional car market. Internet-hailed vehicles are a new business model that uses the mobile internet as a medium to provide passengers with travel services including taxis and private cars that meet the prescribed conditions.

Online car service

In 2018, Wake-Trip passed the National Online Service Capability Accreditation. It is the first company to propose the unique business model of "the driver is the director of the net car platform" on more than 300 domestic net car platforms, and has quickly gained a firm foothold in the net car market, taking the responsibility of the main social body and providing face-to-face services for drivers and passengers in accordance with the requirements of the net car policy.

We provide more benefits to owners, better service to passengers, and equity to city partners who join our team. We are able to achieve "zero" commission on the platform.

Online passengers

And passenger travel to play the advantages of online car, make full use of the Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies for drivers, passengers, city partners, change the original mode of thinking, change people's lifestyles, improve the quality of life.

In the competition with many online taxi platforms, Jihak Travel has found new opportunities for development and achieved "a little success", all thanks to the recognition of drivers, the trust of passengers and the assistance of city partners.

The "unicorn" of the online taxi platform - and passenger travel, the development prospects are still very good.

and the Passenger Travel Exchange

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