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The Walls of Beijing 6

If the world is against you, then I will stand behind you against the world.

At one point, Lin Yicheng used the company's equipment to collect information about the brain structure of his own poodle and stored it in the company's database, then he used the company's materials to make his own mechanical dog and copied the previously backed up data image into the mechanical dog's storage system. Immediately afterwards, he used his background in cloud computing to develop a unique algorithm based on previous research. When he combined the two, the first true case of AI development on Earth was born.

The newly "born" dog is immediately given a "sacred mission" to please Lin Yicheng's new girlfriend.

In fact, during the development of Lingyi City, the Flood Construction Institute was not ignorant of this, it just chose to watch quietly at the beginning, but it was soon strongly drawn to it. The steel pet appeared to Lin Yicheng to be nothing more than a delightful new toy, but the torrent construction house deciphered the hidden logic behind it as quickly as possible.

This is the golden key for mankind to push open the door to eternal life!

(To be continued)

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