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The age of artificial intelligence is about to open up, grab this last tail and get on board and get rich!

High-tech development to this point, when it comes to artificial intelligence, we all know a lot about it, it's not just an intelligent robot, high-end machine, he has long been deep into your life, in and out of your life every day, basically you can't leave him. He can be the phone that reminds you of the alarm clock in the morning, can be a smart TV, is a self-driving car or translation software, but also in the Go field battle AlphaGo's robot, is the top robot can answer all kinds of questions, they have long appeared in our sight countless scenes, but we rarely to feel, are thinking that the kind of dangling artificial intelligence robot still live in our childhood dreams, in fact, they have been realized.

In our lives, the existence of artificial intelligence is often overlooked, thinking that it is a field only touched by scientists, and it is not. In daily life, many people can use the product's voice to order take-out, call contacts and dial out, use face recognition technology for payment functions, travel outside can also be foreign language translation, go anywhere without fear, but also to know the map to mention the word, artificial intelligence has become a life assistant, there is nothing he can not do, only what we can not think of, not only smart mind, the ability is also very good, entertainment, education, services have its involvement.

This comes after there was quite a backlash when humans lost to machines in a Go battle. We can see that the future of AI will give us even more surprises and create more value, which can solve a lot of problems in healthcare, education, entertainment, food, and is a new big discovery and change in human society. There are more possibilities for artificial intelligence. In an era when artificial intelligence is starting to take off, there are also a number of business opportunities, such as unmanned self-driving cars, which could lead to more driverless vehicles, or more assembly lines where no one can do the tasks themselves, no longer requiring human hands-on work.

But from childhood, we learn that there are two sides to everything, and technology is even more advantageous and disadvantageous, many people feel the convenience of artificial intelligence, but also raised many questions about him, will the machine replace humans, as shown in many science fiction films, robots are increasingly designed to be highly intelligent, so much so that there is a so-called consciousness, slowly resigned to submit to human beings, began to fight back, using their own clever minds to gradually replace the position of humans on Earth. These concerns are not unfounded, and many things, even if tested by experimental proof, do not mean that it is absolute. When AlphaGo beats humans, the only hope for humans to beat it is to unplug. Technological progress never ends, never stops, and even pushes the limits of mankind, which inevitably leads to many difficulties.

As AI is used more and more, it will cause many jobs to be replaced and many people will lose their jobs, construction workers, accountants, drivers, operators, etc. Some may say how else can we talk about seizing opportunities to get rich? Think of it in another direction. We can develop and manufacture artificial intelligence. Just like the numerous features that are now available on mobile phones, there are even greater uses for them, and the increasingly discussed virtual reality, which is simply great at experiencing cinematic games. There are also designs for more convenient and innovative gadgets, you can think of anything else you need and any good ideas you can try to create designs. Maybe you're one of the ones to start the next era.

It's natural to look at both sides of any food, society needs to evolve, humans need to progress, and you can't stop trying just because you fear the worst. From the small things in people's lives, to the national social construction, will enter a new era because of artificial intelligence, but in the end, I still think that to design can not only look at the benefits obtained after the design, more should be designed to meet the real needs of people, the correct regulation of the relationship between technology and moral ethics, the law is the right thing.

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