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The basics of "blockchain" are easy for even a novice to understand

In fact, there are already various versions of the basic knowledge of "blockchain" on the Internet. Some people may think that "blockchain" is far away from the end user, but if you look at the people around you, there should be people who have already started to associate with "blockchain" and related technologies. Just a short while ago, some of my friends who don't really care about the tech industry started discussing "blockchain", and the focus of the discussion was not on the concept and technology, but more on speculation and making money. From their words, I found that although they were discussing "blockchain", they knew very little about it.

"Mining machine."

Therefore, the author insists that it is necessary to write an easy-to-understand article about the basics of "blockchain". At least a basic concept education can be done for those ordinary users who do not understand "blockchain" but are eager to make money by speculating on it, so that they can have a basic understanding of "blockchain technology" before deciding whether they really want to dive into the various "digital currency" fields. They can also be made aware that "digital currency" is just one application scenario for blockchain technology. However, since the time given to the author is limited, I can only give you the skinny in this post.

I don't know what "blockchain" is. I just know it makes money.

This subheading is from a friend of the author's who said it himself. I believe there are more people like my friend, although they do not understand what "blockchain" is, but they know that through this technology derived from "digital currency" (such as bitcoin, etc.) can be used to make money.

This is indeed a real problem, in fact, not only this friend, even the author, I dare not say I really understand what "blockchain" is, but still can write this article here.

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