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"The blockchain dabbler He Baohong: shouting "decentralized" himself wants to become "central"

Video of He Baohong's speech

Ho Po Hong

He Baohong, Deputy Director of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, was Director of the Internet Center and Chairman of the Internet Research Area. Executive Vice Chairman of Data Center Alliance, Executive Vice Chairman of Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Alliance, Vice Chairman of IP and Multimedia Working Committee of China Communications Standardization Association, etc. He has been engaged in research on Internet-related technologies, standards, industries and policies for over 20 years, and currently focuses on research on the history of Internet technologies and the philosophy of Internet technologies.

The following is a presentation by Bao-Hong Ho.

Deputy Director, Institute of Technology and Standards, China Academy of Information and Communication Research Ho Po Hong

For more than 20 years, because the Internet was an experiment that hadn't been completed, prematurely got or prematurely produced out of the lab. So for over 20 years actually the industry has been patching up the Internet. Every few years something comes along, something called the next generation of the Internet. But every time what the next generation Internet is, everyone says something different.

So through that historical lens, blockchain is another big bit of a patch on the internet, that's my personal opinion. Bigger patches, because the Internet does, indeed, have that value and a lot of problems, but I firmly believe it can't disrupt the Internet, much less the world. Because it is another development and continuation of the Internet.

Because if you have to blockchain to say it can turn the world upside down, all I can say is that maybe your world is too small.

Blockchain features decentralization, tamper-proof, anonymity right, I'm not so sure about that. Two years ago we preached that because of what, most of the technology in adulthood lives up to what they once hated. Saying that after setting aside the conference to speak over 2 years ago, they won't let me speak there anymore and I probably won't come back after speaking today. It doesn't matter, why? Distributed doesn't equal decentralized, right? We have just seen this shouting that most of the people who are going to the centre are themselves trying to become the new centre, isn't that a hard thing to say.

Let's take Bitcoin as an example, is the code controlled by the Core group, is our computing power highly centralized, are there two centers. How can there be two centers, aren't you de-centering? So be multi-centric for good measure, I guess.

Bitcoin I check these are 40% of the population concentrated in the hands of a thousand people. On another report, 96.53% of bitcoins were attributed to 4% of addresses. That democratizes wealth creation across society? Are you saying that democratization is an experiment that has failed.

There is no consensus on the consensus mechanism yet right, we need consensus right, but we find that our consensus mechanism itself is fragmented fragmented right.

We POW than who is stronger, who has more counting power right, POS who has more money who calls the shots, is typical of our transition from a primitive society to a capitalist society.

We should be writing all contracts, writing all laws, writing all regulations in machine language, is we can't do that why? There are very few programmers in the world right, are the laws and regulations because the NPC meets as a bunch of programmers.

Well trust determines the circle, federated chains public chains private chains right. You think even your teammates don't believe it, even the peeps living next door to you, then you use private chains yes. The organization you think is not credible, engage this other party this institution, I'm thinking let's make a coalition, the organization is not credible change the coalition chain right. No one believes that then use the public chain.

Well pick up the law again, our future law, our contracts are written in computer language, they can't be changed if they're written in. So you can imagine our next step in talent, a lawyer who knows how to program is a good accountant.

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