The circle of friends photos can be stolen and sold, send selfies need to be careful

Introduction: Recently, it has been exposed to the media that some users' photos in the circle of friends were stolen and sold, which sparked concern.

China has continued to strengthen top-level design and institutional improvement in the protection of personal information, and social networking platforms have given user complaint channels for violations of personal privacy. However, when faced with the situation of personal photos being sold, victims still generally face the "three difficulties" of prevention, detection and protection of rights.

In recent years, the development of new technologies such as big data and blockchain has brought many conveniences to our lives. However, the development of new technologies has also brought us some unprecedented hidden worries, among which, the protection of personal privacy has always been a focus of concern.

The leakage of personal information has caused bank card theft, harassing phone calls, and personal privacy being put in full view of the public, and incidents such as these have caused some disruption to everyone's lives. Even the circle of friends, which is originally a platform for socializing among friends and acquaintances, is likewise being targeted by unscrupulous elements, why exactly?

The reason is simple: in the era of big data, data is an asset, and data is no longer a few separate strings of numbers with value. With the increasing development of various data tools, the cost of accessing personal data is becoming less and less. Just because it is profitable and inexpensive, the personal information that often appears in the circle of friends has become an important prey for the wrongdoers.

Imagine how scary it would be if someone stole a selfie you posted in your circle of friends and then opened the door to your home through face recognition. Therefore, this invasion of personal privacy must not be taken lightly.

First, legislation for personal data security should be kept up to date, and only when the ownership of the data is confirmed will there be legally traceable credentials; second, network track tracking should be strengthened, protection mechanisms should be improved, and technical means should be used to block theft and make violations punishable. It is also important for individuals to be more aware of protection and not to register personal information on unregulated online platforms.

Returning social spaces to a safe and comfortable environment where people can communicate easily and freely, and where technology can truly bring benefits to humanity, is what everyone really needs.

Text / People's Network Editor / Zhu 11

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