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Cloud Conditional Order/Stop Loss Order Function Introduction

Description of the conditional order/stop-loss and take-profit mechanism

Conditional orders/stop loss and take profit, are saved on the cloud server side of the cloud running cloud-based trading.

Cloud trading is only a software feature facilitated by Bloomberg, and in the event of a server, network, or software failure that results in a failure of the feature, the user is responsible for the resulting trading losses, and neither Bloomberg nor the futures company will be held liable.

1. You need to log in to your Cloud Authentication account and bind your current trading account before setting up a Conditional Order/Stop Loss and Take Profit.

2. Each Cloud Authentication account is allowed to bind only one futures account at a time. The conditions/stop loss and take profit set when unbinding the account are invalid, and need to be set again when binding again

3. The conditional orders are stored on the cloud server and the authorized server automatically places the orders based on the conditions set by the user.

4. The trading day used for Conditional Order/Stop Loss/ Take Profit is the trading day returned from the counter. (For example, if the counter switches the trading day at 20180607 19:00, then all condition orders set after 19:00 belong to the 20180608 setup).

5. Set "permanent" conditional orders/stop loss/profit taking, and to avoid failure of the order due to lack of confirmation of the bill, the server will automatically confirm the bill for the user every day.

6. Conditional orders/stop loss and take profit, set the conditions for the commission to be issued, when the conditions are met, the trading system will automatically report the commission order to the exchange, when the conditions are not met, the commission order is retained in the cloud server.

7. For SSE contracts, today's and yesterday's positions share a stop loss and take profit, and priority is given to closing today's position before closing yesterday's when triggered.

8. Closeout condition order/stop loss and take profit trigger, if the position is not available enough then the report fails.

9. Stop Loss Take Profit/Condition Orders are not guaranteed to be filled immediately or at a price that refers to pricing when the market is inactive or changes rapidly.

How to use condition sheets

1、 Login to Boye App, switch to "My", click "Please use mobile phone number to login" to log in your cloud authentication account. (First time registration by mobile phone number is possible)

2. Switch to "Trading" and log in to your trading account. You must read the Electronic Trading Risk Disclosure before logging in.

3. In "Trading", click "My Cloud Conditional Order" to bind your current trading account and enter the conditional order interface.

4. Go to "My Cloud Conditions" and tap the Add button in the lower right corner to bring up the settings screen.

5. Add a conditional list.

6、 After adding, you can check the status in the condition list, and click on one of them to pause, modify or delete.

How to use Stop Loss Stop Gain

You can enable the "Stop Loss and Take Profit" function after binding your Cloud Certified account (see How to Use Conditional Orders 1~3).

1. Login to "Positions" through "Trading" and click on "Stop Loss and Take Profit" button to open the position.

2. Click on "Stop Loss and Take Profit" to open and add Stop Loss and Take Profit prices.

3. In a position, you can click on the prompt again to add or modify it.

4、 After setting, tap the menu in the upper right corner to enter "Stop Loss and Take Profit", and click on an article to pause, modify or delete.

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