The country's first blockchain electronic invoice is available, 100 enterprises in Guangzhou to pilot

On June 22, the first national "tax chain" electronic invoice blockchain platform - "tax chain" developed by Fangxin Technology was successfully launched, and the tax authorities of Guangzhou Gas Group Co., Ltd. authorized to join the blockchain network and issue the first "on-chain" invoice, realizing the first national electronic invoice to be stored, exchanged and shared on the blockchain.

Xu Zhengjun, Chairman of Fangxin Technology, mentioned that blockchain technology will change the traditional double-entry bookkeeping method and generate a third input item - a time-stamped voucher for each transaction, turning the company's financial statements into a revitalized ledger with auditability, traceability and verifiability, while the public ledger generated through it will automate most aspects of financial accounting, tax accounting, supervision, auditing and auditing, greatly reducing credit costs and providing strong support for the construction of the entire social credit integrity system.

Blockchain managed taxes to open up the data chain

The "Tax Chain" has established a weakly centralized electronic invoice system, opened up the link nodes of invoicing parties, invoice-recipient parties, taxation departments and other parties, and realized the supervision of the whole process of invoice application and tax filing. At the same time, it realizes data sharing and breaks the predicament that the information of electronic invoice data cannot be interoperated among various platforms, so that tax authorities and major service providers can build a data chain on the existing foundation and realize the unification and integration of electronic invoice data.

With the continuous maturity of blockchain technology, blockchain tax management has become possible, and in the future, blockchain technology will also play an active role in the fields of tax credit rating, tax compliance, tax source monitoring and tax audit," said the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou taxation department. "

100 companies will be selected for the pilot

Blockchain can record the complete "life cycle" of electronic invoices, and through blockchain structure and multi-node storage, any status change can be traced back to the modification subject and time, which ensures that electronic invoice data cannot be tampered with and eliminates the situation of fake invoices and multiple reporting of one vote, thus reducing the burden of enterprise financial personnel in reviewing orders.

Ltd. and Lee Kum Kee (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd. both said that after accessing the 'tax chain' platform, the platform's automatic monitoring, collection and backup functions have improved the work efficiency and saved a lot of manpower and equipment costs.

Starting from June, the Guangzhou taxation department plans to select 100 enterprises with a large amount of invoices and a certain influence and radiation power from the three types of invoice-using enterprises that have their own platforms for electronic invoices, rent third-party agent invoicing platforms and use stand-alone electronic invoicing systems to carry out pilot projects, and then promote them in the city and even the province.

By Cai Hui, Nandu Reporter Intern Chen Peijun

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