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The country's first cloud-network convergence solution evaluation is about to start!

Cloud-network convergence capabilities are an important building block for cloud application development.

today's, With a wide variety of cloud businesses on the ground, and the rapid development of the Industrial Internet, Cloud-network convergence is (located) at Becoming an unstoppable trend。 Especially as more and more businesses go to the cloud, And with a hybrid cloud deployment model, Making the continued improvement of cloud-network convergence capabilities a focus of industry attention。

Building a strong cloud-network convergence capability cannot be achieved without the support of cloud-network convergence solutions. However, whether for operators, cloud service providers, or enterprises in major industries, how to choose a trustworthy and high-quality cloud-network convergence solution in the complex market is one of the biggest "pain points" today.

How do you scientifically and objectively measure the capabilities of a cloud-network convergence solution? To address this issue. Trusted Cloud, the authoritative evaluation system for cloud computing Coming soon to the industry first Cloud Network Convergence Solution Assessment - "Trusted Cloud - Cloud-Network Convergence Solution Evaluation”。

trades first Cloud Network Convergence Solution Capability Assessment

As with other previous Trusted Cloud assessments, Cloud Network Convergence Solution Evaluation Objective (located) at Use scientific assessment methods, Objectively assess the true level of cloud-network convergence solutions, Helping users (located) at Selecting the true in the market“ probable” and a solution that meets its needs, Ultimately helping to bring order to the entire cloud computing market、 boom。

How exactly does a cloud-network convergence solution assessment unfold? It is reported that the "Trusted Cloud - Cloud Network Convergence Solution Evaluation" will be promoted from three dimensions: first, the disclosure of enterprise information authenticity, that is, whether the basic information of participating enterprises and the basic information of cloud network convergence solution products is credible; second, the assessment of cloud network convergence solution quality, that is, whether the participating cloud network convergence solution products meet the basic capability requirements; third, the completeness and standardization of service indicators, that is, whether the service agreement of participating cloud network convergence solutions makes commitments or notifications on key issues of concern to users, and whether the description of commitments or notifications is standardized.

(located) at Disclosure of truthfulness of corporate information on,“ trustworthy cloud• Cloud Network Convergence Solution Assessment” Mainly by means of material review, Verify the authenticity of basic information of participating companies and basic information of cloud-network convergence solutions, For mandatory items, Enterprises must submit relevant supporting documents, And for optional items, Businesses can submit as they see fit。 Particularly noteworthy are, (located) at After the review, Trusted Cloud will disclose the results of the review of the authenticity of corporate information to the public。

On the quality assessment of cloud network convergence solutions, the "Trusted Cloud - Cloud Network Convergence Solution Assessment" mainly adopts a combination of technical testing and material review to assess the basic functions, network resource provisioning capability, reliability, operation and maintenance system functions, measurement accuracy, security and network performance of the participating cloud network convergence solutions, etc. The participating cloud network convergence solutions must have the necessary functions and achieve certain functions.

The completeness and standardization of service indicators, the main evaluation indicators include: product cycle, operation and maintenance services, rights and interests protection, etc. The "Trusted Cloud - Cloud-Network Convergence Solution Evaluation" will mainly use material review to examine whether the solution provider has made commitments or descriptions in accordance with all metrics and terms of interest to the subscriber, which may be in service agreements (including SLAs) or other public documents, and will also evaluate the authenticity of commitments to metrics and terms.

Assessment criteria premiered + fully explained

When will the "Trusted Cloud - Cloud-Network Convergence Solution Assessment" be launched? What are the specific elements of the assessment criteria?

(located) at August 14-15, 2018 upcoming in Beijing International Convention Center convocation Trusted Cloud Conference 2018 on the CII dedicated " Communications Industry and Cloud Network Convergence Forum ". At the forum, CII will officially launch Trusted Cloud - Cloud-Network Convergence Solution Evaluation Series Criteria The first part: Inter-Cloud Interconnection and the second part: SD-WAN Solutions, respectively, will be accompanied by a series of important research results such as the SD-WAN Technology White Paper. In the future, combined with the trend of cloud-network convergence, the assessment criteria will also add sections such as cloud dedicated lines and cloud-network integration.

As an annual industry event for the cloud computing industry, the Trusted Cloud Conference is not only an industry benchmark, where renowned experts from home and abroad, industry authorities and representatives of vendors and guests from all parts of the industry chain will gather, but also an important platform for the industry to understand the latest technology developments.

Focusing on the topic of cloud-network convergence, " Communications Industry and Cloud Network Convergence Forum"Representatives from telecom operators will be invited to provide a comprehensive analysis of key technologies for cloud-network convergence in the communications industry, while also sharing innovative practices on cloud-network convergence and looking ahead to the important development trend of industry clouds.

For more information, please visit the Congress website at

2018 Trusted Cloud Conference Agenda

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