The 'element of pain' in the game

getting over it with bennett foddy is online.

Originally I thought the game probably wouldn't be downloaded by anyone, after all it was 'beaten up' before it even went live.


There were quite a few pilgrims, so I wonder if they applied for a refund after typing the positive reviews.

The people who played the positive reviews had basically no length of game, so I don't know if it will increase after that.

First of all, this game.

It wasn't hard.

"Isn't it hard for you to try?!!! 』

"Oh, no.

If you use the double-opening 'bug' (which is the SL method we commonly use to play games), you'll find that trying to get past the level is still possible.

The biggest degree of 'pain' factor in this game is the game 'start over' mechanic.

Basically, every game, with the addition of a factor that makes you 'start over' at the 'drop of a hat' can have a crashing effect.

For example, in RPGs, you spend two days practicing to level 50 and suddenly the power goes out. For example, in Pokémon, you collect 100 Pokémon and then the memory battery runs out ......

And in that regard, getting over it is handled so well that there are few games that allow the player to continue playing while crying after 'crashing'. With most games, one 'restart' is all it takes to dissuade a player.

When you've spent 2 hours and hacked countless mini-monsters, you finally get to the maze shot, only to be seconded by the boss in one move because you didn't have your blood under control. After reading the file, you find yourself in the newbie village. "Crap, we have to start here? 』

That's why the game is now becoming 'more and more intimate'. You go through the long maze and finally encounter the boss, but can't beat it and die. It was with trepidation that I read the file and found that I actually didn't have to retrace my steps that long and large and could just start fighting the boss, thankfully.

That's where getting over it comes in.

The author says 'we shouldn't be so player friendly'

Of course, there's no right or wrong game idea for something like that. The fact that it took the world by storm (and shouldn't have made any money) shows that his idea was communicated successfully.

The game itself is a vehicle for messaging. A vehicle that is particularly close to perfect form (depending on the caliber of the game itself).

But actually, the 'friendly' gameplay factors that caused getting over it author's displeasure didn't just appear now, and those 'unfriendly' memories were caused by past functional limitations, such as 'ready storage' and the like. The real 'unfriendly' factor is the one that exists for a reason.

For example, with the maze, what the makers wanted to convey was a feeling of 'going through the motions and slowly feeling your way to the exit', a feeling that would only arise during the first playthrough, so that part could be skipped the second time through, that's not a message that can be repeated.

Or maybe playing and upgrading, again to give the player the feeling of 'reaching a new level for the first time'.

And for these feelings, there is a need for these boring and tedious pavers that exist for their own sake and do not have a separate meaning, belonging to the final appendage.

It's like a speculative movie, with a lengthy build-up ahead just to tell you the truth at the end, and when you've gathered all the information you can go for the ending.

And then suddenly the theater people tell you the movie projector is broken and you have to start the show over and you can't fast forward ...... Hmmm ......

Probably someone would indeed like that feeling.

It's like getting over it's introduction.

Also, 'One slash, level 99', it's like when the movie just opens and the caption above says '↓ The killer is this guy'.

Also, on the 'game over' point, Isaac is clearly superior, so we'll talk about Isaac next time we're in the mood.

Finally, the difference between individual game production and large company level resource game production.

The dream quest, hailed as a masterpiece by the niche, is painted like the above ......

There's supposedly this class of game makers abroad who don't care what happens to the rest of the game, they just make the game they want to make and release it ......

This game also gets sprayed for some reason 'Isn't he (the author) intentionally insulting his amazing game mechanics system by drawing it like this? 』

I also think it would be good to at least outsource the art and music and such if it makes any money ...... Guess it didn't make any money though ......

Then, a while back, I learned that this author went to the Blizzard Hearthstone group.

Then, the latest 『Dogheads and Underworld』 opened.

Of course, I haven't carefully examined whether or not he was involved in this copy, but there are some things that can be conveyed without graphic text.

What makes a person a person? Does it consist of appearance plus thought? And the game is the vehicle for getting to the human mind.

The game maker is like a special game element that the player can't see, but can feel ta presence within the game.

The game is such an amazing thing.

Without further ado, I'm off to get the remaining 6 characters cleared first.

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