The finalists for the "Academic Public of the Year 2017" list are out

“ 2017 Academic Public of the Year” After the launch of the selection, Research Circle invited hundreds of thousands of users and multiple researchers to nominate their own best academic public websites in their verticals。 as of 2018 year 1 month 23 sun, The selection garnered nearly 2000 Sub-valid nominations, Covers 200 Multiple sciences& Academic Public。

The next year of 2017 saw a new level of global scientific development - research in the materials chemistry category was growing by the day; the computer science and artificial intelligence industries were exploding; biomedical technology was developing rapidly; major discoveries were made in areas such as physics and astronomy; and fundamental disciplines such as mathematics, psychology, and brain science were gaining importance. A large number of high-quality, high-impact academic public websites continue to emerge: they are highly competitive in terms of the cutting-edge and professional content they push out, as well as the depth and breadth of the readership they cover.

After several rounds of screening, 26 academic public websites, covering seven major disciplines: materials and chemistry, computer science and information science, life science, physics and astronomy, mathematics, psychology and medicine, were selected by the "Research Circle", based on readers' nominations, experts' recommendations, content quality, update frequency and users' evaluations.

In some popular areas such as computing and life sciences, we can see that the number and influence of the finalists has increased significantly compared to the previous edition. Competition is also more intense . The change in the ratio between "authoritative" and "new" public numbers also represents the thriving trend of new academic media.

The list of the 26 shortlisted academic public websites is as follows

(Subjects and public numbers are ranked in alphabetical order and in no particular order)

「 material& chemical category

"Computer, Information Science

"Life Sciences


"Physics, Astronomy



Five platforms Simultaneous release.

Global Science magazine

Official website of Global Science

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