cool hit counter The first World Blockchain Conference is about to have its grand opening in Macau on April 23rd!_Intefrankly

The first World Blockchain Conference is about to have its grand opening in Macau on April 23rd!

Bitmedia Notice.

The 1st World Blockchain Conference is coming to Macau on April 23rd for its grand opening!!!

The blockchain event, co-hosted by industry authorities such as Three O'Clock, Bitmedia, the World Blockchain Conference Organizing Committee, the Canadian Bankers Association, the Blockchain Institute of Shenzhen University, and the Global Asset Digital Crypto Council, has entered the hot ticketing phase.

The first World Blockchain Conference advocates "Technology Reconstructs the World", with 100+ international and domestic blockchain-related organizations and 200+ industry leaders/celebrities gathering to bring a change of technology and minds to the world.

The chicken eating begins!!!

The organizers are holding a "Golden Tickets for $1" rebate event - for only $1, you can get a chance to win Golden Tickets worth $9,000 at the World Blockchain Conference by participating in the event.

[Golden Ticket Benefits]

l Including tickets to the opening ceremony and the summit

l Give away 90,000 WBC Zone Ochain Candies

l Access to prime premium seats for the opening ceremony and summit

l Co-founder of the WBC World Blockchain Club

l Get access to the WBC World Blockchain Club Launch Crowd

l Qualified as a director of the WBC World Blockchain Club's City Organizing Committee (elected by the same city)

l Received the WBC World Blockchain Congress China Organizing Committee membership

l Receive a gift from the WBC World Blockchain Conference Organizing Committee (available at the conference)

The details of the activities are as follows.

[Event Time]

April 2, 2018 - April 11, 2018

[Activity details]

1. Participants who pay $1 will get a chance to win 9,000 golden tickets in the draw every day. Tickets include the star-studded opening ceremony and Blockchain Summit, valued at $9,000.

2. Participants pay up to 10 times per day and receive 10 raffle codes. You need to fill in your name + mobile number before payment so that you can contact after winning the prize.

3. The campaign will run for 10 days and the winners will be announced at 10pm every day.

4. Winners will be notified by SMS from W.B.C. A customer service representative will contact the winner to determine the address. Tickets will be sent to the winners without being mailed.

[Sweepstakes Rules]

In order to keep the draw open, fair and equitable, the rules are as follows:

1. Participants pay $1 and receive a lottery number that day in order, starting from 1.

2, the day at 10 pm count, the number of times the day participated / the number of dates, take the remainder + 1 to get the number, the first winning code. The number of tickets for the day's participation divided by 10 is used as an interval number. The participant in the next interval apart is the second winner code, and so on. If the resulting draw code number is not an integer, the rounding principle is applied to obtain an integer as the winning draw code.

Example: the number of entries on April 3, 2018 is 302, then the first winning code: 3 (302/3 = 100 remainder 2, the winning code is 2+1=3), the second winning code: 33 (interval number 302/10 ≈ 30, the winning code is 30+3=33), the remaining winning codes: 63, 93, 123, 153, 183, 213, 243, 273.

[Winning Method]

1、The winners will be announced at 22:00 every day during the event

4. The winner will receive a text message notification from W.B.C. Customer service will contact the winner to determine the address and send the tickets by free mail.

1、SpringCloud shares handson experience in cloud SaaS
2、Fault Tolerance Practices for Billion Dollar Web Systems
3、OceanChain announces new global ocean layout based on Qtum quantum chain
4、Legal prohibits setting default passwords such as admin 123456 etc
5、Red flag car will play too and create a new brand sheng the most bull domestic autonomous driving to come

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