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The first director of Tsinghua Institute of Artificial Intelligence: currently far from real artificial intelligence

The Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University was inaugurated. Punch News reporter Liao Jin Photo

On June 28, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University was inaugurated.

The first president, Zhang Cymbal, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with Surgeon General ( that the research work people are doing is still far from true artificial intelligence, and that there is an urgent need to build a new set of theories and methods "so that in the future machines can understand what they are doing when they do things, and this can go to the stage of true intelligence."

Compared with the world level of AI development, especially in the research of heavy and difficult issues such as interpretability, Zhang Cymbal believes that China basically stands at the same starting line with other countries, but because of the lack of innovation ability and low speed, thus the development level gap with the international advanced countries is still large. "At the end of the day who leads depends on who's innovative, bending and leapfrogging can't apply in this brand new field, it's now about whoever has the highest speed wins." Cymbal Zhang said.

At the unveiling ceremony, Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong, on the other hand, stressed that open cooperation is a necessary prerequisite for promoting the development of artificial intelligence. He pointed out, "Only when you do not reject the flow of many streams can you become a river and an ocean. No country, no university, no business, no individual can innovate behind closed doors, and this is especially true of innovation in AI. "In addition, he also pointed out that the characteristics of artificial intelligence determine that its research must not follow the rules and follow the same trend, to seek theoretical innovation and methodological innovation, but also to closely integrate with industrial applications, and strive to explore and establish a win-win mechanism of close cooperation between schools and enterprises.

Punch News learned on the spot that Tsinghua University will cooperate with Google on artificial intelligence research, and Jeff Dean, the general director of Google AI, a member of the US Academy of Engineering and a member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, was hired to be a member of Tsinghua University's computer discipline advisory board.

Technology development talent is the cornerstone. Li Feifei, director of Google AI China Research Center, turned his attention to young students in a live address. She said, "In the world of AI, China has long awakened and is rapidly becoming one of the leaders, and we are very much looking forward to extensive exchanges and collaborations with the Chinese academic community to provide high-quality machine research and education support for AI and machine learning to a wider range of students and researchers in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence. "

"AI can change the world, but you [young students] will really change AI," Feifei Li lamented.

(Surgeon General Liao Jin)

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