cool hit counter The first time a driver's license is issued, the driverless car is on the road in Fujian!_Intefrankly

The first time a driver's license is issued, the driverless car is on the road in Fujian!

No driver!

There's no steering wheel!

No running pedal!

This car can change lanes and turn on its own too!

Yes! You read that right!

Such cool driverless cars

It's really on!

Automated driving has officially started road tests in Fujian Province

Yesterday, the country's first

License for testing driverless cars without a steering wheel

The company is a Xiamen enterprise, Golden Dragon Bus

Testing conducted on site at the test site of the

It's the one produced by Baidu and Golden Dragon Bus.

The nation's first commercial-grade driverless bus


since then

Automated Driving in Fujian Province

History of the official start of road testing

Vehicle length 4.3 m, width 2 m, 8 seats

14 persons authorized (with 6 stations)

Powered by pure electric power

On a single charge, it can run 100 km.

As the technician enters the relevant commands on the computer

The vehicle drove slowly.

Driving, turning, Apollon does it all automatically.

The ride is very smooth.

3.6 km long test lane.

Apollon took about 8 minutes to walk through.

Apollon can reach a top speed of 70 km/h

However, for general use, the

Speed control between 20 and 40 km/h

The road facilities in the test site are the same as ordinary roads, with signs, markings, road markings and everything else.

The person in charge of the Golden Dragon Bus introduced

The car's styling concept comes from the little yellow duck.

representing a childhood filled with visions of the future.

And driverless cars

It's the scene of the future world that many people dreamed of in their childhood.

It looks even more adorable from a distance

On the Apollon, there is no rear view mirror

In its place, there are all kinds of radars.

Two devices that look like ears.

It's a 16-line LiDAR.

A laser that can shoot 16 lines in different directions at the same time.

detecting obstacles.

The detection distance can be more than 100 meters.

Video detection radar above the front of the vehicle

In addition, the front of the car is equipped with

Millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar.

There are two more "eyes" in front of the car - the trinocular camera ......

A series of sensors that

It is as if the vehicle has "eyes" and "ears".

Let the vehicle make a judgment call, based on the information coming back to it.

LIDAR underneath the car

The chief said.

"The normal human reaction time is 0.1 sec.

And the reaction time of Apollon.

It's a little faster than that. "

According to the report, Apollo's autopilot level, which reaches L4, or highly autonomous driving, allows all driving operations to be done by driverless systems.

What if I encounter a situation that requires manual control? The aforementioned person in charge said that the back office will be configured with a handle, and when manual control is needed, the back office personnel will connect to the system and control the vehicle remotely through the handle.

Apollo driverless car

Produced by Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Company in cooperation with Baidu

It's the first one in the country.

Commercial grade driverless micro-circulation electric vehicle

Mass production will be available on July 31 of this year.

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