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The history of the evolution of "black technology" pet products

What does it take to be a competent Black Age shovel* officer? Think about it, gravitational waves have been discovered, AI can be used to find new habitable planets, quantum computers are up and running, and you're still feeding the meow/woof in your house the old fashioned way? Would be despised by masters from an alien planet ......

It is hard to tell the hardships involved in moving from being an able hunter in the wilderness to conquering foolish humans. (12,398 words omitted here) That said, we used to be able to get along with them like this.

Or in their company.

Gradually, however, some of the outdated and austere ways of life were spurned.

It's time to zoom in! Whether it's the architecture community, the AI community, the live streaming community, the wearables community, the social networking community, the AR interactive community, the quantum entanglement community, the blockchain community, the sharing community, the voice recognition community ...... The Unity has custom-made black technology items for its owners. Shovel*ers look over here!

TOP 10 Architecture - Handmade/Diamond Doghouse

A man spent 3 years building a "little house" for his dog. Just a few small rooms too, comes with a small pool, small relaxing sofa, small sports field ...... Taking full care of the needs of dogs, you can feel:

There is also a rustic level, the style of which will not be evaluated, the key is the technical content concentrated on the diamond cut: the

Hello Kitty Crystal Dog House

TOP 9AI Community - Custom Dog Food

That said, artificial intelligence AI is also really big, like that Alpha Dog that beat Ke Jie in Wuzhen. It is curious though, what else does he do besides play and teach Go?

Butternut Box actually started customizing dog food with AI ...... You can collect your pet's age, weight, quality, active status, and physical condition, and then use an intelligent algorithm to customize the food for them. So, in the future, be careful when you spill the beans, do you use the regular ones or the AI ones? The algorithm is different!

Company principals Kevin Glynn and David Nolan

TOP 8 Live Streaming World - Food Drop + Live Remote Control Camera

Big Red's live stream has created a lot of internet celebrity anchors, but brainstorming to the masters is kind of a big deal, right? Petcube Bites are both live and regular food drops, a boon to shovelers* who are still attached to their master when they're out and about! This device holds about 2 pounds of pet treats, and it can toss them at various throwing distances, up to 6 feet.

TOP 7 Wearables - Pet Collars

Now that you're embarrassed to go out for a run without a bracelet, does your dog need a collar that tracks and records data when you're out and about spilling your guts? The Kyon GPS pet collar in Athens, Greece, is designed to keep track of cute pets that sneak out into the wild, informing their owners in time and alerting them to danger.

TOP 6 Social Networking World - Twitter for Dogs

The age of Social can be said to simply not exist without social networking accounts. Well, how could that possibly stop your dog from having his own Twitter feed! So it would send a Tweet every now and then: 'Come on! Let's rant together! "(It's woofing) Or: I hate him! (He's fighting with another dog) ......

TOP 5AR Interactive World - Cloud Jerking Cats/Dogs

When "cloud sucking cats" and "cloud jerking dogs" become a social trend, how can we not use AR interactive technology that has entered every aspect of life in a big way? It's really simple, by remotely controlling the smart pet toy ball Pebby, you can play with other people's cats/dogs for real ...... Pet Toys Felik in Seattle can also be set up to play to match your pet's skill level and movement style.

TOP4 Quantum Entanglement World - Magic Clean Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Does "quantum entanglement" sound particularly highbrow? Basically can't understand it ...... But now that the Mercury has been launched and "quantum distribution of invisible states" has become a reality, it's not hard to understand the general principles, is it? It is the ability of one elementary particle and another elementary particle to remain in sync across a great distance. In fact, contrary to quantum entanglement, the most important thing about the Magic Clean pet vacuum cleaner is that it is "non-entangled", using patented technology to solve the problem of pet hair entanglement from the microscopic level, which is simply a gospel for shovelers*, right? Absorb mao without tangling, no more psychological "tangling" for pet hair loss.

Lexmark Magic Clean M9 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

TOP3 Blockchain World - Magic Clean Pet Vacuum Cleaner

If you haven't heard of "blockchain", you know about Bitcoin, right? The mysterious Nakamoto created a "decentralized" distributed bookkeeping model, so how many machines around the world began to operate, how many "miners" began to "mine", the entire financial rules have to be rewritten. Similar to pets, hair falls in a very "decentralized" way, in living rooms, sofas, bed sheets, bookshelves, clothes ...... The Magic Clean Pet Vacuum is also set up to target 18 distributed scenarios, making it a godsend in the cleaning world.

TOP2shared sector- petAir b&b and spade*Uber

What's not in the "shared" space today? The answer is in the pet world. Pawshake offers "shared pet sitters" for owners on the go to look after their stay-at-home owners, while Pooper can summon a nearby "shoveler" to the house.

TOP1 Voice Recognition World - Pet Translator

Here comes the best! When your master speaks human ...... A team of researchers from Sweden has developed No More Woof, a headset for dogs that has a built-in control intelligence center that reads the dog's brainwave signals, analyzes and organizes them, and translates the dog's inner thoughts into human language. With no hint of a sci-fi world ......

Technology has no limits, the future has arrived. Shovelers* with a big responsibility, the planet of the woofers/meowers depends on you, have you chosen your sharpshooter yet?

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