The industry pioneer vivo and bright trick, X21 with 6 + 128GB set off a storm of large memory popularity

With the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, all kinds of features continue to increase, the new requirements of consumers for mobile phones in addition to the full-screen, photography, performance, and a very important is the memory and storage aspects. In the past probably 3GB + 32GB RAM combo would have been enough, but for now it's not enough anymore. Whether it's an increasingly large game or app, or just a few selfies at the drop of a hat, it's a big memory hog. That's why memory upgrades can be seen on this year's flagships, such as the domestic phone maker Vivo X21, which comes with a 6GB+128GB large memory combo that seems to have set off a storm of large memory popularity.

vivo, the pioneer of memory change in the mobile phone industry

Actually, when it comes to the memory side of the upgrade, It is also important to mentionvivo, owing tovivo It's a pioneer in this area。 as early asXplay 3S age, Its world premiere on3GB RAM, There was a little controversy at the time, Some consumers question whether they really need that kind of memory, But the industry is evolving in terms of,vivo Undoubtedly made the right choice。 subsequentlyvivo X6 Start of popularization4+64GB Memory combinations、Xplay5 World Premiere6GB+128GB , so far, The development of memory has entered a new phase。 but (not)vivo X21 The advent of the6GB+128GB popularization, Make it not just for the premium version。

6GB of memory for smooth multitasking

So with all that said, what exactly is the advantage of 6+128GB of RAM? We might as well take a look. Let's look at the RAM first, this is also known as the memory, which is responsible for running the software. Because the system itself is to take up a certain amount of memory to keep the system running, plus the resident background of our common software, if you open a few more software may not be a big problem, but the smoothness, especially when multi-tasking switching, occasional lag is often the case. But the X21 will not have this trouble, its has 6GB of memory in addition to our usual WeChat, QQ, Weibo need to reside in the background, you can easily run more software, according to the official announcement data, its can support the opening of an average of 11 + background, for now we are certainly enough.

In addition to running more applications at the same time, it also has a significant increase in running speed. In addition to the larger and more abundant memory, the X21 is equipped with the Snapdragon 660 AIE's artificial intelligence to form a more optimized match with the large memory to achieve stronger AI computing power. The most obvious result of its improvement is faster app launch and smoother operation for apps such as large games.

128GB of storage to store what you love

ROM, Also known as storage, It is the equivalent of a computer hard drive, We can store things in there.。 Nowadays, mobile phones do not cache episodes except when boiling、 Beyond the photo at the time of the photo shoot, The cache of various large games and social apps are memory killers。 For example, King's Glory, Occupancy after installation and use can be up to1.8GB、 Stimulus Battlefield Occupancy1.4GB; For example, the microsoft cache, My editor's weibo has gone through many cleanups outside of unimportant stuff, occupancy10GB。 It's not hard to see the importance of big memory in this。 And if there is128GB For storage., That's a lot of stuff to put in there.。 for example28000+ HD photos or370+ A game or2200+ Music or220+ section of a movie。 It's not an exaggeration to say, You can put as much stuff in there as you want without fear of running out of storage。


Putting it all together, For the user experience, Memory is a big influence point。 And that's exactly why, equipped with6+128GB RAMvivo ofX21 Set a number of sales records on the first day of sale。 In fact, you can also get feedback from this memory upgradevivo development strategies, That is to stick to the core needs of the user, A willingness to change for the user, And this is the fundamental reason why it has been recognized by many consumers。

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