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The "invisible poor" among film and TV workers without the sky-high salaries

Long-term rentals and rising rents have become one of the hottest topics of discussion this summer... Can you catch up with your rent now if you couldn't catch up with housing prices back then? The netizen's heartfelt question made SEE Jun think of a "invisible poor" in the film and television industry, hovering in the 18th line of "well-known" screenwriters - screenwriter X.

In just 3 years, this 18-line screenwriter, has moved 5 times, his salary has increased from 5000 to 3W, and his house has finally been rented from outside the 3rd ring to inside the 2nd ring, avoiding the cunning second landlord to avoid the abominable black agent, but now he may have to worry that his apartment will face the risk of bursting like a P2P.

Because still he insisted on living on monthly installments. SEE Jr. has also asked him why he doesn't pay annually. It wasn't until he did the math for me that little SEE-kun realized that he really couldn't afford it.

What does the "invisible poor" of the film industry face?

It's hard to create a play, it's hard to change a play.

Literary creation is invaluable, starting from reality and combining it with the cultural environment, not only to refine ideas, encapsulate reality and sublimate emotions, but also to face the rigorous scrutiny, the final result is really hard to come by.

But in this country, writers still don't have enough of a voice, despite being the creators of a play. Because the fate of the script is mostly in the hands of the producers, Chen Shu, the screenwriter of "The Embroidered Spring Dagger", revealed that keeping 70% of the script of "The Embroidered Spring Dagger" is already the highest degree of retention for her, most will only keep 30% or 40% of the script.

It is difficult to earn income and maintain rights.

In the lucrative film and television market, there is a story circulating that when director Jia Zhangke was still a student in the literature department of the film school, he wrote a 30-episode TV series to turn it in, only to end up getting a mug of mug in return for a bitter story.

In the vast screenwriting industry, a screenwriter's rank is measured based on the amount of money he or she is paid, awards won for plays, and celebrities he or she has worked with. But the number of screenwriters with successful masterpieces is only a handful for the screenwriting industry as a whole.

For most newcomers, the rights of "writing fees, byline, and publicity" are notoriously difficult to defend.

One of the big reasons for all the difficulties faced by the domestic screenwriting industry is that the industry currently does not have a sufficiently well-developed union system and sound industry rules.

Today, blockchain technology is widely used in the film and television industry, the Insee Network works to build the world's largest visual collaboration network It develops a decentralized data analysis system, reconstructs visual content production, dissemination, consumption and evolution at the bottom, and protects the rights and interests of each participating node through equity delivery and clearing.

Insee Network is based on a design that links contributions to equity. Making content incubation accessible to all , the rights are no longer concentrated in the producer, the director. Creators can use content to connect directly with their audience, and viewers send quality content to the top by liking and sharing it. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of bad movies.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand minds, and the consciousness and aesthetics of the work is itself the result of the mutual repulsion of many people. In the INSEE visual content ecosystem, the resources of each segment are integrated, and users' opinions in a well-developed review system Will help quality projects to achieve greater commercial value

On the other hand, INSEE uses blockchain "smart contract, value network, distributed bookkeeping" to solve the security and trust mechanism, and its irreproducibility to confirm the original copyright. Address the death of piracy that has remained for so long.

As blockchain technology evolves, Insee Network will continue to iterate and optimize the film and television ecosystem. To solve more problems for practitioners and to promote the film and television industry with quality content as the core.

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