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The king of concept cars the future of electric caravans looks like this chassis can be removed by itself

In today's world, there are a lot of PPT companies, especially in the new energy field is common, in fact, for the PPT concept car, and do not be critical, especially not to whether the real mass production prevailed. And the criteria for judging, or to the concept, such as many of today's PPT concept car, more or talk about parameters, such as how much horsepower to achieve, how high range, how strong parameters, talk about these does not make much sense, but if you can propose a new travel solution or experience, it is not a good idea, and just in the recent CES Consumer Electronics Show, from the Swiss design company Rinspeed released its 24th concept car, self-driving concept car Rinspeed Snap.

Looking at the overall exterior, the squared-off shape is a far cry from many of today's designs, more like that of a passenger car, while it omits the cockpit and is a fully self-driving capable vehicle.

And what makes it special compared to other models is that it has a separate body and chassis, and you can remove its body pods.

And the disassembled pod can be transformed into your camper or mobile shop, so it's more like an RV that can drive itself.

Meanwhile, in the cabin it comes with four seats, a wireless charging system and plenty of multimedia touch screens, with three displays available for each passenger.

And in terms of power, it uses an electric powertrain and two steering axles provided by ZF, and a fully automatic driving system with LIDAR sensors, are you interested in such a concept? (Source: VRS)

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