The luggage that walks by itself is like a small "Tesla unmanned car"!

Come on, follow this public number and get up to speed together

often look at the intelligence bureau partners know that the Secretary is a lazy cancer depth of patients, so it is, every time you go away the most annoying is to hold a variety of things in hand, but also drag a large and heavy suitcase, often make the hands busy ......

Until yesterday, the Director saw a suitcase following the young lady at the station! Can there be such an operation?

After confirming the Director's envious eyes, Missy enthusiastically enthused about this black technology luggage that frees your hands -COWAROBOT Rover

The "Tesla" in the luggage.

The COWAROBOT Rover, which understands driverless technology, is simply the luggage version of a Tesla.

Once the Rover's trolley is pulled all the way up, the luggage opens with the touch of a button on either side of the matching exclusive bracelet or luggage handle Auto Follow Mode

Wristband on

Press the button to turn on

When Auto Follow mode is on, active wheels extend from the bottom of the box to provide power for the luggage to travel.

The Rover can follow its owner like a "little pet".

Also planning a sensible route to avoid any obstacles that

They are more "sensible" when it comes to protecting themselves from stairs or other dangerous situations.

And the wheels are powerful enough to handle all kinds of terrain, whether it's blind alleys, concrete paths, marble, airport conveyor belts, carpet, 15° slopes, or anything else, the Rover can easily keep up with you.

With a top speed of 4.5mph (equivalent to 7.3km/h), the Rover will keep up with you even if you run up to catch a flight.

When you encounter obstacles such as steps and deep pits, you need to switch to normal mode and carry your suitcase through.

The luggage that is in "driverless" mode is the brightest star in the crowd.

5 black technologies to recognize the owner and not lose him

Rover is equipped with self-developed machine vision AI technology , with a specially modulated laser beam that instantly recognizes your movement posture and analyzes it to adjust your path and strategy in real time.

If you stop, it stops; if you go fast, it goes fast and doesn't even dance with you.

Built-in RF positioning module , after one-to-one pairing with the dedicated bracelet, it achieves 10cm precise positioning, 20 times per second refreshing position, as long as the distance is more than 1 meter, the bracelet will vibrate violently to send an alert, so it will never lose or follow the wrong target.

RF positioning

If you have to play hide-and-seek with it, just double-tap the bracelet at close range to automatically activate the "find me" function, and it will map out a route and quickly return to you.

When you encounter an obstacle, Rover will follow the path you take to avoid it.

The Rover is also equipped with LIDAR technology , you can build 3D environment data in real time. Combined with AI algorithms developed for crowd-dense scenarios The Rover can easily follow you through the crowds.

Taking a Rover to the mall, not only will it help you pack your stuff, but it will also keep up with you at all times, not to mention complain about being tired, much better than a boyfriend or something!

The Rover's combination lock can be operated via bracelet sensing. The lock opens automatically when the bracelet is approached. The lock will automatically close when the bracelet is moved away.

You can also unlock and unlock it through Rover's exclusive app.

Of course you can also opt for a conservative manual on/off lock.

Bracelet Unlock

In addition to that. The Rover also has a built-in 6400mAh removable mobile battery (Fully compliant with aviation standards, feel free to take it on the plane), and the case can support about 20km of continuous travel when fully charged.

The battery can also be removed and used to charge other electronic devices, so you're never afraid of running out of battery on the go!

A real "mobile power"

The "inside out" boarding case

As the winner of the Gold Award of China Red Star Design Award, Rover not only has black technology, but also puts a lot of effort on the exterior hardware.

All aluminum frame construction, both strong and light, can be used for a long time and not easily deformed. The case is made of high grade polycarbonate, waterproof and impact resistant, light weight and also environmentally friendly. Double-row universal silent wheels, shock-absorbing and wear-resistant, distribute pressure evenly and ensure the Rover moves freely.

All smart hardware systems take up only 6% of the space, preserving ample storage space.

In addition to the powerful enough smart features, the clean space and large storage space designed

This makes it a must-have for home travel.

Check out the full video presentation together again -

From now on, just walk boldly forward, don't look back, the luggage it automatically follow you~

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