The "magic tool" to grab tickets hidden risks or fraudulent money by leaking information

Spring Festival ticket rush is nothing new, Compared to the traditional way of purchasing train tickets, Nearly 70% of passengers choose to buy tickets online today, Various types of ticketing software have emerged。 nevertheless, Claims of efficiency、 Accurate ticket grabbers but hidden information leakage、 Various risks such as money fraud。 This year, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Journalists conducted investigative interviews。 Identifying the CAPTCHA takes only300 millisecond, ms 1 month4 sun, Ms. Zhang, who works at a bank in Beijing, wants to buy a2 month10 Train tickets from Beijing to Anyang on Sunday, Choose an online travelAPP Book a Ticket。“ this oneAPP Claims to have different ticketing speeds, Depends on how many accelerator packs you have。” Ms. Zhang said, She doesn't want to buy it.2 $ for one accelerated package, rather than“ Invite Friends” The manner in which the collection of48 classifier for gifts; newspaper, magazine, documents etc. as a whole; for a complete menu of food., But so far, no tickets have been secured。 Use Ticket Rush like thisAPP There are not a few people who, And each one has its own trick.。 Zuo Xiaotang, who works for a central enterprise, logged on to a ticketingAPP back, The system checks a copy by default20 $ acceleration package。“ This ticket rushAPP Actually logged into my12306 Account for operation,” Zuo Xiao Tang said,“APP Remind me to pay when I get my tickets, I'll be right there.12306 Paying for it on the official website, Avoiding additional costs。” merely, Doing so also compromised his position inAPP Credit value on。 In addition to the ticketing business launched by online travel companies and the ticketingAPP apart from, There are two other main ways to grab tickets online today, One is the built-in“ Ticket Grabber Plugin” of your browser or website, The second is lurking inQQ on social media platforms such as“ Ticket Rush Team”。 ultimately, in the final analysis, These rely on specialized software。 The journalist was able to get throughQQ Get in touch with a“ Professional Ticket Grabbers”, He claims to have used his12306 Account and professional software to grab tickets, Once the general advance ticketing period is successful, a charge of100 $ to120 Fees ranging from $,“ pick up lost property” The cost is an additional $20 to $30。 after a brief introduction, He then repeatedly urged the reporter to submit the rider's ID number、 mobile phone number、 Information on train schedules, etc.。 “ Ticketing software can automatically refresh the remaining tickets、 Automatic Verification Code Recognition, There is software on the market that claims to require only300 Image recognition in milliseconds, Normal user operation requires5—10 second,” A website security ops person, Tarzan Lo, explains,“ If you use cloud servers to grab tickets、 A variety of means such as a large number of accounts, It would be more efficient.。” “ Synthetic artifacts” Direct forgery of tickets Is the ticketing software really reliable?? Many netizens report using ticketing software after, Not only did you not get a ticket, Instead, you get a lot of spam and harassing calls, Disclosure of personal information。 Train tickets need to be purchased in real names, find a network“ cattle” Ticket rush also requires personal information。“ This could leave personal information such as one's ID number hanging in the air”, Internet engineer Cai Xin says, Nor does it preclude these software and network“ cattle” Hoarding personal information of passengers by air。 And some seemingly regular ticket grabbers require users to bind their12306 account。12306 The technical person in charge of the website said, As long as the traveler puts his or her12306 Website username、 Password revealed to the reseller, It's like opening your own door., Others can come and go as they please.。 Many ticket rushers claim not to keep any personal information, But is it really possible to do, unable find out。 additionally, If security is weak, User privacy can easily be accessed directly or even stolen。 Caixin says:“ Is privacy information compromised, In addition to depending on corporate ethics, It also depends on the strength of the enterprise network technology。” furthermore, Under the guise of online ticketing, Conducting various forms of fraud。 Recently it was reported in the media that, Mr. Li, a Beijing citizen, was looking online for“ cattle” Buying train tickets on behalf of others, Additional price per ticket100 primary, But it's not expected to happen“ Train Ticket Synthesizer”, All the information on the ticket is forged。 “ Internet ticketing can easily breed some new scam opportunities,” Tarzan Law said,“ Except relatively obvious‘ Synthetic artifacts’, Some outlaws are tied up or implanted with Trojan virus through accounts, Stealing personal information, and masquerading as12306 Customer service implements precision fraud。” How about network attack and defense“ The road is as high as it should be” Confronting the ticket rush chaos, According to Hui Zhibin, Executive Director of the Internet Research Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Only a comprehensive approach can strike a balance between fairness and efficiency in the ticketing process。“ This includes more scientific and transparent information on ticket availability、 refinement12306 platforms、 Strengthened regulation of technical features of ticketing software, In particular, the collection and use of personal information should be legal and compliant。” “ The risk of ticket-snatching software actually depends on its technical settings, Some information may be stored only on the user client, Some information may be accessed to cloud operations。” Hui Zhibin said,“ The latter has a large-scale collection and use of personal information, There have been hacks stolen、 Risks such as illegal use of transfers by ticket-snatching software。” “ Cybersecurity attack and defense are constantly improving, It can't be once and for all,12306 The platform should continuously enhance the technical iteration capability of network attack and defense。” In Cai Xin's opinion,12306 The platform is going to attack ticket-snatching software or hackers maliciously、 Strong monitoring of behavior such as collisions、 Effective containment。 Of course, It is not difficult to technically eliminate ticket-snatching software。12306 The technical person in charge of the website said,12306 The essence of a website is also the Internet, Page and page transfers are open。 From a technical point of view, There are indeed automated programs that simulate a Web site running, Pass“ Violent decoding” Get a faster time advantage than the average traveler。 More important, It's law enforcement regulation that can't be missing。“ Some ticketing software may involve unscrupulous industry chains。 It is the responsibility of the regulators to fight it according to the law, Pay particular attention to the upstream and downstream chains in the‘ internal reaction’。” Jiang Qiping, Secretary-General of the Center for Informatization Research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said。 》》》 Dashen Today's Recommendation Shanghai Provident Fund Access、 Loan management measures have been formally introduced 4 implementation in June From Shanghai to Beijing China Eastern's first flight“ airWi-Fi flight” Has taken off Shanghai to buy real estate transaction registration will be reduced5 working days A woman in Shanghai killed her husband and fled17 year After all, it's still off the net A cyclist on Pudong Avenue was hit by a large car when he made a suspicious turn Unfortunately, he died 》》》 Today's video recommendation Zeng Zhiwei Development Cloth will respond to the Blue Jays incident: The Qing self-clearing! 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