The mysterious weapon that helps Shanghai SIPG, the smart stadium leads the new change of Chinese football

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has just ended and apart from the great play of the 32 teams, the Video Assistant Referees (VAR video referees) system at this year's tournament has earned the world's attention. Its main role is to combine the real-time picture of the game with the virtual picture, through multi-angle, high-definition picture to restore the details of the game in 3D, so that every action of the players on the pitch is clearly shown in the eyes of the referee, so that the football game becomes more just and fair.

Now the technology is not only used in the World Cup, but has been introduced to China by Beijing Tongdao Weiye Sports Technology Co Ltd, a leading domestic football data provider. When it comes to Tongdao Weiye, no one in football circles knows about it, and fine-tuning football data has been an important label for this company to promote to the public since its inception. With the deep development of the football industry, the diversification of the football market business has also accelerated the process, as a data service as the basis of the development point of the same way Weiye, in the last two years, also relying on the data in the hands of the accumulation of many achievements.

Tongdao Weiye has introduced the Swedish Spiideo system into Shanghai SIPG's football training base, and Shanghai SIPG FC has become the first football club in China to set up a Spiideo system after Chelsea in the English Premier League, Sporting Portugal in the Portuguese Super League, and the Russian, Swiss and American Major Leagues.

◆Spiideo system, the real "high precision"

As an important part of Tongdao Weiye's "Smart Stadium" and to better match the world-class data video interaction platform - Tongdao Big Data, the Spiideo system has many "high precision" technological components.

①Virtual Panorama System

Unlike the VAC system at the World Cup, Spiideo's virtual panorama system is smarter and more comprehensive, allowing different users to independently view any detail anywhere on the field during a match, creating a data model of the playing field and giving users unrestricted control over the "virtual" cameras in the arena. This offers a unique possibility to observe and follow the game across the field, and also to install cameras where physical space is relatively limited.

(VAR and traditional pitch surveillance equipment)

(Spiideo work perspective)

In short, while VAR systems and traditional stadium surveillance equipment consist of a matrix of monitors to present the video capture from multiple cameras on the stadium, Spiideo systems require only a computer monitor and Ipad or even a mobile phone to complete the monitoring of the "virtual" camera capture on the stadium. Spiideo is the only company in the world that has such virtual panorama technology.

②Spiideo AI Motion Tracking System

The system relies on a combination of computer vision and Spiideo's deep learning platform (i.e., simulated neural networks, which are essentially mathematical models based on how biological neural networks work, like the human brain).

Neural networks have received a lot of attention in recent years because of their ability to solve complex, previously intractable problems. The complexity in this particular case lies in determining the mode in which one is watching the situation on the field during a practice or game usually with a coach (as opposed to a regular spectator). This means you need to analyze the overall pattern of play and team structure (for example, it's not enough to just aim for the ball).

In short, the system combines team/individual player tracking (movement, position, etc.) and self-learning neural networks trained using various experts in the sports field, while relying on a large amount of data from various sports categories (also employing input source technologies from, for example, various eye-tracking techniques).

③ Rich and powerful motion data integration and mapping tools

With the drawing tools in the Spiideo app and quick navigation tabs in the video material, coaches and analysts can visualize actions and demonstrations directly on the screen in the video with lines, arrows, etc. in order to provide more detailed and efficient instruction and analysis to their players. Spiideo also supports the integration of other data sources (e.g. from GPS/sports wearables) and can be displayed visually in the video.

Drawing functions

Data Functions

Distance measuring function

④ Easy and fast cost of use

Compared to VAR and traditional video capture devices in sports, the biggest advantage of the Spiideo system also lies in the use of ancillary equipment and the versatility and ease of use of the system. Spiideo systems are compatible with TV stations, broadcast systems of major sports organizations. Similarly usage permissions can be delegated to a computer, a phone or even a web browser for detailed analysis and tagging. There is also no need for a dedicated server to store the system recordings, just connect to Spiideo's cloud server and everything is done.

The super low ease of use and cost of use makes Spiideo a great collaboration tool. The videos you record can be made available to the entire coaching and crew team, other coaches, or with other relevant staff, and all those who have been given access can view the video, post comments, tag the video, and more.

The Spiideo system has just been set up and is officially in use in the Youth Premier League and the feedback has been excellent. In the evolving era of big data, sports data analytics has been playing an increasingly important role in more and more competitions, training and commercialization. If game data analysis is necessary to summarize and improve team and player performance, data collected through real-time data monitoring and wearable devices can enhance the management of player training deficiencies. Through the aggregation of training data, we can determine the physical condition of the athletes, and through the combination of reasonable dietary nutrition, which can play a positive and effective role in the prevention of player injuries. If we compare the game data, training data, physical function and injury prevention to a sports ecosystem, we should admire the foresight of Shanghai's management, which has put a lot of effort into the first level of the ecosystem to achieve a real improvement in game performance through scientific training.

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