The organization of community production under blockchain!

Are you in the center of the blockchain startup as the blockchain heat wave keeps lapping up? Whether many people may not be clear on how blockchain will relate to their own lives, today brings you some food for thought and gives you a glimpse of how blockchain will bring about changes in the way human production is organized, but of course this is just a throwaway.

What is production organization?

The organization of the production process mainly refers to the articulation and coordination of the various stages and processes of the production process in time and space, simply speaking multiple people organized together for production activities is called production organization.

The blockchain community production organization breaks the traditional company's completely reasonable equity setting and adopts a decentralized way of equity distribution: issuing digital currency (Token) of equity type within the community, members of the organization can get the corresponding equity (Token) rewards by completing the specified tasks, and whoever contributes a lot to the community organization, the more digital currency (Token) he gets and the more revenue (dividends, etc.) he gets.

This new benefit distribution mechanism brings a new change to the production organization, it reduces the cost of establishing the production organization, the cost of operating and managing the whole organization, and makes the benefit distribution mechanism more fair, just, open and transparent. We can quickly organize a group of professional people to work together on valuable productive activities and develop this new community production organization together simply by using blockchain community tools.

The current post-90s and 00s youth, who are seeking a freer career, look forward to not having to work in a company anymore and want to be more freely involved in productive activities, and the blockchain community makes this dream no longer far away. Blockchain communities respond to the needs of the times and will eventually become the mainstream form of productive organization in the future.

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