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The course "Learn Arduino Creative Robot" is a comprehensive course that crosses many disciplines, involving many basic disciplines, including mathematics, physics, computer, chemistry, biology, multimedia, etc. When students use the Arduino platform to create and develop, they turn the fragmented knowledge they have learned and mechanical engineering into a process of exploring different sides of the interconnected world, which requires students to artificially create a comprehensive knowledge of multiple disciplines.

The "Arduino Creative Robotics for Elementary Schools" is based on the theory of the subject and practical life, solving real-life problems through technical ideas and the use of the Arduino platform, providing a broad stage for students to live carefully and creatively.

I. System of course objectives

The overall goal of the "Arduino Creative Robotics for Primary Schools" course is to improve primary school students' innovation, comprehensive design and hands-on skills, and thus to cultivate and enhance their STEM literacy, emphasizing that students gain rich learning experiences through observation, thinking, designing, making, experimenting and other activities on the basis of direct experience and personal experience, discovering problems in life, solving problems in practice, and acquiring knowledge in activities.

Based on the division of the three-dimensional objectives, the course objectives are broken down as follows.

1. Knowledge and skills

To gain a preliminary understanding of the basic structure of robots and their applications in social life; to complete simple robot design, hardware assembly, program writing, functional debugging and other tasks; to cultivate the spirit of innovation and improve practical skills in the process by actively and creatively solving more practical problems on the basis of mastering knowledge and skills about robots.

2. Process and Methodology

Under the guidance of the teacher, through imitation and active creativity, they will be able to perform simple tasks such as assembling machine hardware, programming, and simple debugging, enabling the robot to solve simple problems.

3. Emotional Attitudes and Values

They will experience the importance of robotics and the convenience of the Arduino platform, develop an interest in learning Arduino robotics and solving real-life problems with their hands, improve problem awareness and programming thinking as well as STEM literacy, and promote holistic and personalized development.

II. Structure of the course content

At the elementary level, robotics can be integrated with the IT curriculum or used as an extension of the IT class. Teaching the robotics curriculum with Arduino as a platform requires building hardware, detection and control circuits, and then writing programs that can control the various movements and behaviors of the robot.

This course mainly involves teaching projects such as smart LED, smart fan and smart cart, which are divided into three chapters and 18 lessons.

1. Smart LED series, focusing on the basics of Arduino.

2. The Smart Fan series, which focuses on Arduino basics, is intensive and in-depth.

3. A series of smart carts, mainly a comprehensive use of Arduino robots.

Arduino is an electronic control platform that anyone can quickly get started using. It may appear to a hardware engineer as just a simple 8-bit minimal system. But for more people without a hardware background, Arduino opens a window into the hardware world, a window that connects to a world called open source hardware.

Arduino focuses on practical hands-on applications, and with some basic knowledge of electronics, you can create very interesting hardware interactions. It integrates sensors and controls into one, allowing students to effectively improve their logical thinking skills, judgment, hands-on skills and innovation in the process of solving real-world problems with their hands and brains, thus improving their scientific literacy.

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