The phone automatically booked the $10,000 presidential suite because of a "hacker chip"

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The middle of the band-aid is held against the location of the chip, so that the ID card will not be demagnetized when placed with the phone. The phone automatically runs to book a hotel suite for 10,000 yuan, because the non-original charging head concealed "hacker chip", able to "remote control the phone".


The so-called "hacked chip" is not logical, and it is not uncommon for a phone to have an automatic sliding screen, which is caused by a damaged charging cable capacitor, or a failed charging head filter.

In the case of the "mobile phone automatically booked 10,000 yuan suite", even if the charging head really conceals a hacking chip, there are three hurdles to overcome. First of all, the hacker chip to have wireless transmission function, such devices cost a lot of money, it is unlikely to appear in the cost of non-original data line; secondly, iOS system is closed, in the absence of "jailbreak", such as USB external operation is difficult to invade the phone inside, not to mention the remote control app; finally, hacking will generally have a certain purpose, the general public's personal information does not have the value of the theft.

The phone charger may seem ordinary, but it is very important among the phone parts because it is the only tool that can convert 220 volts AC to DC. Fluctuations in charge movement will generate electromagnetic waves, the original or regular brand production of charging cable, will add capacitors to the charging head area, using its fast charging and slow discharging characteristics to filter out the ripples.

However, many cheap charging heads made by small manufacturers often do not incorporate capacitors, or the quality is not up to par resulting in damaged capacitors. In the charging process, the output DC is interspersed with a lot of electromagnetic waves, these electromagnetic waves cause touch screen malfunction in mild cases, and in serious cases, "automatically turn the page" "automatically open APP" and other situations.

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