cool hit counter The problem of foreign trade "a long time disease difficult to cure" to see how the ocean chain oeanc "the right medicine"_Intefrankly

The problem of foreign trade "a long time disease difficult to cure" to see how the ocean chain oeanc "the right medicine"

Economic globalization is growing in the world today, and foreign trade has become an integral part of it, and maritime trade accounts for an absolute proportion of it. However, technical barriers, trade barriers, and low liberalization in maritime trade have restricted the further development of maritime trade, and although it is known that these problems hinder maritime trade, it has been difficult to find a solution. If these issues are never effectively addressed, there will be significant resistance to maritime trade.

Faced with these problems, Walter, a famous mathematician, chemist and blockchain scholar, fully expressed his worries. Based on his own experience and profound knowledge, he has been committed to finding a solution, and the hard work is not lost on him. The ocean chain oeanc model allows him to find the trick to solve the problem, and he combines blockchain and ocean trade with decentralized strategy, which effectively solves the problem of various barriers in ocean trade.

The essence of Ocean Chain oeanc is actually a blockchain, which is like a ledger to record the trade process, decentralized strategy, powerfully reduce the interference of uncontrollable human factors, and solve the trade difficulties with an objective and fair attitude.

The concept of decentralization has gained much attention in recent years, And use it wisely in your life, And until then it's been a centralized approach。 So what is centralization and what is decentralization?? Centrality is analogous to being in a transaction between A and B, Find C to communicate for both, Then C can make a profit or create a competitive advantage in it, produce a" structural cavity", This is simple centrality, There are many of these in social networks" structural cavity"。 And decentralization, It avoids the operation of a third party like C, It's a fair and open model, The bike-sharing that is all the rage today is a good example, Such a model effectively protects the interests of both sides of the trade, Not to be troubled by information, Loss of benefit to a party。 compare two sides, The advantages of decentralization are obvious。

The decentralized model of the ocean chain oeanc reduces the interference of third parties, in fact, it reduces the influence of human factors, and uses an objective factor to connect transactions, so that it will not be limited by various trade barriers proposed by various countries, and will not subject a certain party of traders to unfair trade treatment, thus realizing trade liberalization.

Decentralization must be the choice of business development in the future, and Ocean Chain oeanc is fully in line with this development requirement, and its emergence is the demand of the times more than the demand of Ocean Trade. It has not only solved the problems of technical barriers, green barriers and low liberalization in maritime trade, but has also been recognized by European consortia. I believe that in the future, Dayang Chain oeanc will seize the opportunity to move forward even more!

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