cool hit counter The real disruptor of traditional forklifts and the most compact pallet AGV robot is here!_Intefrankly

The real disruptor of traditional forklifts and the most compact pallet AGV robot is here!

A Dutch company has developed

currently on the market Smallest size Most compact structureof

Pallet AGV

Pallet AGV, commonly known as self-propelled pallet truck. The main application is in the warehouse operation scenario and the function is to move goods in pallets.

The Nipper AGV in the video is a pallet AGV that can move and operate completely autonomously. It can rely on WIFI communication capabilities to operate automatically navigating on natural structures in the natural environment without additional infrastructure.

Nipper AGV technology advantages

1, Good range

The battery management system provides a charge time of only 10 minutes, after which the Nipper can run continuously for 8 hours.

2, Safe and harmonious operation of man and machine

Nipper is an unmanned compact AGV for internal pallet transport. Can safely work with the staff again in the warehouse safely, without interfering with each other, without affecting each other.

3, independent programming, flexible operation

The Nipper can be programmed independently and the built-in job line flow is easy to adjust. It is flexible enough to automate operations in the warehouse by easily modifying or adding job lines manually with intelligent software.

4, accurate positioning and infrastructure-free navigation

Nipper is using structures and profiles as a reference for localization in its working environment. There are no induction wires, magnets or reflectors. Ability to use reflectors to improve positioning from +/- 1 cm accuracy to +/- 1 mm.

Technical specifications

Weight: 120 kg

Load capacity: 1000 kg

Safety: Laser scanner with integrated safety zone

Navigation: free programming according to the structure and contours in the working environment

Driving speed: 2km / h standard (4km / h optional)

Management: BMS (on-board battery management system)

Charging stations: fully automatic loading without human intervention

Battery charge time: 10 minutes

Battery voltage: 24V

Chemistry: Lithium iron phosphate

Battery capacity: 50AH

Spinning: spinning around its own axis

Applies to. Warehouses with extensive pallet operation processes. It not only completes fully automated handling operations, but also saves manpower and avoids or reduces damage to goods caused during manual work.

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