cool hit counter The regulation issued a national roundup of malicious debt evasion, you have reported the old rogue information!_Intefrankly

The regulation issued a national roundup of malicious debt evasion, you have reported the old rogue information!

On August 8, the Internet financial risk special rectification work leading group office issued a "notice on reporting information on P2P platform borrowers' debt evasion" (hereinafter referred to as "the notice").

According to the notice, the risk of P2P lending institutions has been frequent recently, and some borrowers have taken the opportunity to "maliciously evade their debts" and overdue repayment, waiting for the P2P platform to collapse when the capital chain breaks, so as to escape from repayment obligations, which has exacerbated the risk of P2P platform outbreak.

The notice points out that in order to crack down on the malicious scrapping of debts by P2P platform borrowers, the localities are required to report the list of borrowers who have taken advantage of this risk event to maliciously evade debts based on the information they have obtained in the early stage. In the next step, the Office will coordinate with the credit management department to incorporate the above information into the credit system and the "Credit China" database, so as to impose constraints on the relevant perpetrators of debt evasion.

The notice also requires that information reported by each location should be returned by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 9.

Original document attached.

Also yesterday. 37 online lending members of Shanghai Mutual Fund Association, including you and me, jointly issued a self-regulatory statement It is mentioned therein that it takes the initiative to accept regulation and supervision; actively promotes communication and cooperation among platforms and recommends a blacklist sharing mechanism for debt evasion.

After receiving the notice, you began combing through the list of overdue users at the first opportunity and reported the list to the regulator within the prescribed time. We will resolutely defend the legitimate rights and interests of lenders and work together to combat "rogue" behavior.

In fact, just on July 16, the China Mutual Fund Association just proposed that relevant departments should further increase their efforts to crack down on malicious debt evasion and other acts, and maintain the surviving validity of regulated contracts. At the same time, it further plays the role of judicial collaboration, fund depository, information disclosure, credit information sharing and other infrastructural means to form joint discipline for breach of trust.

Subsequently, on August 4, Xinhua News Agency released news that the Office of Mutual Funds Regulation, P2P network loan regulation office put forward nine clear requirements , including compliance P2P conditions are ripe to apply for filing; crack down on borrowers malicious debt evasion behavior.

The regulators and P2P platforms have joined forces in a series of initiatives to round up the malicious debt evasion behavior of online loans, directly crushing the illusion of the "old scoundrels" who borrowed money and did not repay, at the same time, they will also be subject to various restrictions because of the breach of trust, the more serious will be subject to legal sanctions. I would like to solemnly remind: users who have overdue loans should pay them back as soon as possible to avoid losing credit in one place and being restricted everywhere.

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