cool hit counter The resume of the youngest child selected by the sea is frighteningly fatal: IQ 141, speaks at 3 months, knows calculus and likes programming_Intefrankly

The resume of the youngest child selected by the sea is frighteningly fatal: IQ 141, speaks at 3 months, knows calculus and likes programming

If it wasn't for the "ECE" recruitment model in the Magic City.

I didn't even know there were so many "cow" children in Ala Mundo.

anyone 3.5 months Open your mouth and talk.6 taking first place in the province for a period of months.

18 months to memorize the Disciple's Rule.3 Diving at age.

anyoneIQ1411 At the age of half a year, he can identify the flags of dozens of countries.

the game of Go5 Grade, Hua Luo Geng Cup70 Score shortlisted.

Reading 2000 words and reading dozens of books on your own are all basic requirements now.

According to the public number Shanghai Today Hot News, the

Right now, in the middle of the primary school season, the

A Shanghai primary school is said to have collected resumes for the sea

There are just all kinds of children like Einstein reincarnated.


Talking at 3.5 months

He inherited a strong language skills from his mother, who has a master's degree from Fudan

And Dr. Tsinghua's dad's math gene,

3 Talking at 1.5 months,

6 First in the province in months,

18 Memorize the Disciple's Rule in one month,

PS: And I didn't even know what the Discipleship Rules were until then

3 He's been diving since he was a year old,

10 Learned to ride a bike in minutes,

Talk about Medusa and Curie in English,

Teaching French to the father of a Tsinghua doctor……

This student, you're probably not the Prince of Night, right?

With your extraordinary intellect, you dare to go to school and

People's teachers don't always dare to teach!


IQ141, 1.5 years oldCan identify the flags of dozens of countries

This classmate claimed to be a bright boy.

total iq 141.

1.5 years old Can identify the flags of dozens of countries.

excellent communication and presentation skills.

12 games All winners of national math competitions.

the game of Go5 Grade, Hua Luo Geng Cup70 Score shortlisted.

Piano lessons are purely for fun. Not for the purpose of exams!

As far as I know.

An IQ of 140 or more is a genius.

Or close to genius.

So this student.

Did you come with the intention of going into the school to teach the teachers?

After all, it's not often you get a teacher with an IQ over 141.

So is the school going to ask you to move!


Will draw cardiopulmonary circulation, neurotransmission

This cowboy has a pair of

Dr. Bio Mom and Engineer Dad.

Already know each other. Over 2000 Chinese characters.

DK Encyclopedia, The Definitive Encyclopedia, etc. for themselves.

One can amuse oneself.

Being a child king with children.

Will draw cardiopulmonary circulation, neurotransmission, etc.

Other kids get their phones either for games or watching cartoons.

Not so with him.

Either use the calculator to arrange the number combinations.

Either practice writing Chinese and English in handwriting input.

Also like to play with picture inference in WeChat.

ps:Isn't there only one jump in WeChat?


At two years old, he can take a bath by himself.

Other kids are still asking their mommy for kisses and hugs at 3 years old.

This little girl. 2 years old Already will.

Brushes his own teeth and takes a bath, and is over 2000 literate.

Playing 24 points, Sudoku.

Even its three consecutive years of winning mathematics subject competitions

The first prize brother is no match for her.

What's even more awesome is that her Dr. Mom was often asked by her as well.

Compared to her.

The editor is one who can't live with himself ......


Can read 2000 words and 300 books

This little girl is a well-rounded, so to speak.

From a young age, I had a big dream.

participating in various talent shows.

Can read 2000 words and 300 books

Having completed several large Lego models on his own.

is the winner of the second prize of the King of Shanghai Youth Organ.

Grade 2 piano, Grade 3 Chinese dance, Grade 1 accordion.

The greatest ambition is: to be like mom and dad

High-tech people who can give back to the community.

I wonder if the teacher who saw this resume

What was it like inside, then?

Anyway, I just wanted to say


Already able to recite the Analects at the age of 7

2 years old When you can say

The names of all vehicles on the road.

taught himself Chinese chess at the age of 3.

Some dabbling in ancient poetry

Attended Bible reading classes on weekends and was able to recite the Analects of Confucius.

Stop it. You can have "Bully".

Let's pack up and go home.

A great talent from a bookish family.


Favorite game is programming

learned time management in nursery class.

knowledge of nuclear reactors, base pairing, and RNA transcription.

Learning functions and limits by listening to calculus with Dad.

Usual favorite games are. program

Can write code in Swift language.

This little tubby.

You said your favorite game was programming.

You've got people who are learning to program professionally

But what about the big brothers and sisters who are bent on immersing themselves in King's Pesticide?

After reading the resumes of these "cow" kids.

Netizens say. Sure it's not a paragraph?

It must be watered down.

That it is the reincarnation of Venus or Stephen Hawking.

If it's really that good, why go to school?

Straight to The Greatest Showman!

Or fly up into the sky shoulder to shoulder with the sun.

Make a documentary.

Others are not convinced, who can't brag!

thus Read the original Economist in English consistently every day from the age of 1

2 years old read and re-read sth until one is familiar with it《 Graham Raddario.》 original work (not translation or abridged)

2 years old semi-autonomouspython language

3.5-year-old study on NRA transcription included in nature

The bull of the internet was born

Source: Shen Jiang Service Herald


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