The roadshow project of "SODA Technology - Building AI + Kitchen Ecological Portal" was successfully held in Guangzhou Guigu Technology Park

On October 12, the project roadshow of "Suoduo Technology - Building AI+Kitchen Ecological Entrance" was successfully held in Guangzhou Guigu Science and Technology Park. The event aimed to provide a precise match between the technology frontier artificial intelligence technology innovation projects and Tianji Electric Co.

Dr. Shi Zhongmin, Chairman of Sodom Technology, elaborated on the technical highlights, business model and market analysis of the project, and demonstrated the cutting-edge technology innovation of "AI+Kitchen" to the guests through a vivid demonstration of the voice interaction scenario of the small kitchen robot with screen module.

Project Roadshow by Dr. Zhongmin Shi, Chairman of Sotor Technology

Yu Yong, the investment director of China-Israel Intelligent Manufacturing Venture Fund, Wu Xidun, the chairman of Sky Electric Co., Ltd. and the leaders of its technical department listened carefully to the project roadshow, interacted actively with the roadshow guest Dr. Shi, communicated and docked in depth, and reached preliminary cooperation intention.

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Googol Park

We are both the China Sea Fair Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park and the Talent Attracting Workstation of the Development Zone. The Park is planned and designed by Gensler, the top international architectural design team, covering an area of 73,522 square meters with a total construction area of 304,000 square meters, it relies on the resource platform of the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Association and the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Advisory Committee, and the power of Guangdong Central Investment Group's private capital, which will create an accelerator for Guangzhou's high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship, and build a talent, technology, incubation and capital platform that is in line with the rich resources of Silicon Valley and other Europe and America.

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