The school held "Blockchain Technology Salon"

On the afternoon of June 5, our school information center and general education center invited experts and teaching managers from inside and outside the school to jointly organize the "blockchain technology salon". Participants discussed the current popular blockchain technology and the possible impact and opportunities of our teaching and research management.

Mr. Wang Ning does a blockchain talk report

Ning Wang, assistant to our president and director of the Center for Liberal Studies, shared his research and views on blockchain with the attendees. Wang Ning pointed out the application scenarios and prospects of blockchain in the education industry, the relationship between blockchain technology and various aspects such as big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, etc., and made an overview and summary with the experience in teaching and management in our school.

Lei Yunqi, director of the school's information center, expressed his views on the future development trend of blockchain and its position and significance in the future Internet of Everything society, taking into account the development of the Internet since the nineties.

Cheng Zhong, an information center consultant, gave a blockchain overview and a brief technical report to the participants. Other participants shared the university's experience in blockchain technology research and application.

Attendees share research on blockchain technology

The report also lists the current position of blockchain technology in national policy, future trends and possible impacts, as well as opportunities and challenges.

Attendees share research on blockchain technology

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