The secret of AWE2018 Haier most "mysterious room" intelligent home distributed interactive portal again hot

On March 8, 2018, the 2018 China Household Electrical Appliance and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE 2018) kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, where hundreds of domestic and international home appliance and electronic technology brands gathered with their latest technology crystals to launch an annual technology event around "Smart Life, Global Platform", which is sufficient to dominate the trend of global smart life industry. Haier, as the leader of the smart home in the Internet of Things era, has always been the focus of AWE, which invariably verifies the direction of industry development and becomes the vane of the smart home industry.

In this year's AWE, Haier in accordance with the real home life model, to 1:1 ratio to build the two "mysterious room", with the "move hands", "move mouth" that enjoy the wisdom of life, this completely different from people's perception of the wisdom of the family interaction, attracted a steady stream of visitors. In the room, the industry's first intelligent home intelligent assistant Haier Youjia intelligent speaker, the industry's first intelligent speaker that can gesture voice two-way interaction projection speaker debuted with guests for close contact.

The new debut of Haier Youjia intelligent speaker and projection speaker, Haier U + intelligent life X.0 platform relying on the small You Butler released intelligent new small You Butler as the first intelligent home voice assistant, it can not only help you manage home appliances, or your life assistant, you only need to "move the mouth", you can check the weather, entertainment, general knowledge of home appliances and other daily information, full of skills. As the mysterious "butler" of Haier Smart Home, Xiaoyu Butler can provide users with proactive services from home appliances to life care experience. The smart speaker built on the basis of the small You Butler and the virtual screen, netware screen, mobile terminal, wearable devices together form a matrix of distributed interaction portal of the smart family, so that users can realize interaction customization at any time in the whole scene of smart life, experience the best smart life and enjoy a good life.

In the first“ Mystery Room” in, Haier Youjia Smart Speaker as the industry's first intelligent home smart assistant, Its performance has left many users in awe。“ Hello You Home, How to maintain your air conditioner before use";“ Hello You Home, Put me through to Haier customer service.”;“ Hello You Home, Turn on the air conditioning.", You Home Smart Speaker not only helps you turn on your air conditioner, And it also tells you the state of the air conditioner when it's on voluntarily。 The Youjia smart speaker on display can perform actions based on your voice designation, Internet information search and search also available, Providing you with information on daily life、 Entertainment Related Content, Even customer service。 Traveling to exhibitAWE The American friend of the site said, He was inAWE The interactive experience of the smart speaker as experienced on, To outperform the interactive experience of other smart speaker products currently available in the overseas market。

Another "mystery room" in the display of the projection speaker can be called a veritable "black technology" products, it is the industry's first gesture voice two-way interaction of intelligent speakers, in addition to voice interaction, but also has a proximity micro-projection function, can be placed on the desktop or wall, to bring intelligent scene experience. For example, when we invite guests to our home and prepare to cook a big meal, we are ready to look for suitable recipes, the kitchen hood operation causes interference to the sound environment, and there are water stains on the hands can not be operated by touch screen, then the use of proximity micro-projection can solve the "urgent problem", using the projection speaker can be used as a projection screen to operate the wall or the case surface; when you have friends visiting your home, press the doorbell outside the door, the projection speaker will be able to display the visual intercom screen content for easy viewing of the visitor, you can click the "answer" button on the projection interface to make a call. In addition, the projection interface can also be operated for entertainment, in the room, many visitors have joined the "play piano" experience, feel the intelligent experience brought by the projection speaker.

In fact, Haier invited guests to experience the very customizability of smart life interactions. At present, the industry mostly uses mobile phone APP as the interaction method, the interaction form is relatively single and cumbersome, compared to the voice interaction will be much more convenient, but most of the intelligent single product on the market can not fully meet the user's interaction needs. In order to provide a better wisdom life experience and create a more complete matrix of wisdom life distributed interactive entrance, Haier wisdom home into thousands of wisdom homes in a set of customized way, behind which, is the support of U+ wisdom life X.0 platform.

As the industry's first wisdom home customization platform, Haier U+ Wisdom Life X.0 platform is based on UHomeOS and driven by the dual engine of "IoT+AI", which can realize custom interaction, custom scenarios and custom services to create whole-house complete wisdom home solutions and meet users' personalized needs. Among them, custom interaction is the distributed interaction portal that relies on the AI interaction system, which allows home users to customize their smart life according to their personalized needs.

In the words of the staff on site, in the era of smart home, the natural interaction of voice anytime and anywhere in the whole house is the most intimate and most understanding intelligent assistant in the era of smart home. Its core value is that through the two smart speakers, and virtual screen, netware screen, mobile, wearable devices, etc. together to form a distributed interaction matrix of smart home, relying on the U + artificial intelligence interaction system to bring users to "move the hands", "move the mouth" that is to enjoy the interaction of intelligent life, change the single and cumbersome smart hardware experience.

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