The "soul" of China's software industry: independent core technology

With the rapid development of society, people are faced with one opportunity and challenge after another, and the field of science and technology is constantly moving forward and making breakthroughs. In recent years, China's progress in the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, etc., and after years of accumulation of force, the development of domestic basic software has improved, especially a number of domestic basic software leader in the development of momentum to the Chinese software market to play a shot in the arm, and "core electronic devices, high-end general-purpose chips and basic software products," the timely emergence of major national science and technology projects, such as a booster, to give them a stronger support force.

China's software industry has also evolved from imitation to independent innovation, from the application of industrial innovation to the development of industry standards to lead the change; the key to its success lies in creating its own software industry's soul.

Core technology to independent, Chinese software when self-improvement

We will strive to achieve independent control of key core technologies and keep the initiative of innovation and development firmly in our own hands.

Key core technologies are a matter of innovation initiative and development initiative, as well as national economic security, national defence security and other security. If we do not master the key core technology, we will be "lack of core and soul". If this "lifeline" in the hands of others, "it is like building a house on the foundation of someone else's wall, no longer big and beautiful may not be able to withstand the storm, or even will be unbearable.

The core technology is a national weapon, and the "Chinese core" can no longer be controlled by others. The most critical and core technologies must be based on independent innovation, self-reliance and self-improvement, working in key areas and at the place where the neck is stuck, strengthening original innovation, integrated innovation and re-innovation by introduction, digestion and absorption, and constantly achieving significant results of a fundamental, strategic and original nature.

At present, China has achieved world leadership in high performance computing and independent controllable information system core technologies, such as: Shenwei . A large number of landmark achievements are represented by the TaihuLight high-performance computer, the Feiteng processor, the Kirin operating system, etc. However, the core underlying software technology in the domestic core is still restricted, high-end chips, databases and other aspects are still lagging behind. In the face of the rapid changes in information technology innovation, whoever occupies the high ground in information technology will be able to grasp the first opportunity, win the advantage, win the security and win the future. At the same time, to big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain-based innovation and development of a new generation of information technology, cutting-edge technology, disruptive technologies continue to emerge, and continue to give rise to new technologies, new products, new models, new business models, for the core software technology high point to seize is also increasingly intense, the development of independent core software industry, the need to develop from the source, master the core technology, the development of industry international standards, leading the industrial landscape.

Academician Ni Guangnan

Earlier, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Ni Guangnan said that China's decades of practice proved that the real core technology can not be bought, the market can not be exchanged, the most critical and core technology must rely on independent research and development, their own development, and the implementation of market-oriented guidance for the construction of information technology system is very necessary, only through the actual use, identify problems, solve problems, in order to do a good job of adapting between all the hardware and software, and ultimately the formation of a practically usable information technology system. At present, China's network information field is fully equipped to realize the transformation from running with to running with and running with, and even in some aspects can realize the transformation from running with and running with to running with and leading.

The way of all benefits is to go with the times. The software industry has become the technological innovation field with the most concentrated R&D investment, the most active innovation, the most extensive application and the greatest radiation-driven effect in the world, and is the competitive highland of global technological innovation. On the contrary, the Internet is not only a bridgehead for China to seize the frontier of new-generation information technology, but also one of the important engines for our economy to move towards high-quality development.

Liu Ruimin, Founder of Berry Data

ISO/IEC JTC1International standards experts、 Liu Ruimin, Founder of Berry Data In an exclusive interview with our reporter, he said, Software Industry as a National Pioneer、 Pillar and strategic industries, It is the core and foundation of IT application and information construction。 As the only representative of the Chinese members of the International Standards Committee, Parex Data, On behalf of the China-led“SQL9075 2018 streaming database” Establishment of international standards,“AI-in-Database library AI” Publication of proposals for international standards。 At the 22nd China International Software Expo, Parex Data to Mainly Promote its Own Original Real-Time Big Data Analytics Platform, Includes all-memory distributed database、 Core base database software such as stream database and AI parallel algorithm library, and Berry at Smart City、 macro-economic、 Big data application solutions in various directions such as cultural industry。 moreover, We will also be launching the country's first--- Intelligent cloud-based in-memory database acceleration chip。 Promote home-grown and independent core infrastructure software technologies with international standard customization rights, To capture market share in domestic and international high-end applications, Dominating the international standards discourse。 at the same time, Better guide and control the direction of the software industry, Promoting the rapid development of the software industry。

The development of the software industry has had a significant impact on economic development, social governance, national management and people's lives. We should respond to the trend of the times, hold tightly to the core technology of independent innovation, the "bull's nose", make breakthroughs in the frontier technologies of network development and key core technologies with international competitiveness, accelerate the domestic independent and controllable alternative plan, build a secure and controllable information technology system, and lay a solid foundation for building a strong network; promote the development of new technologies and new business models such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the digital economy, and promote software and information technology services to accelerate the penetration of applications in various sectors of the economy and society.

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The theme forum of Soft Expo 2018, "Defining New Standards, Building New Technologies - Independent Core Software Development", will be held on June 29 at the New Century Nikko Hotel in Beijing. The forum gathered domestic and foreign experts in big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing industry, academic experts and senior management of enterprises, to invite national ministries and municipal leaders, Shanghai, Gansu, Guangzhou and Hubei and other local typical application representative leaders, to analyze the most cutting-edge industry information, conquer the starry sea of technology. This forum is jointly organized by China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, Beijing Software and Information Service Industry Association, and Parelli Data, with keynote speeches and roundtable forums to discuss the important factors influencing the development of domestic software industry from the aspects of technological innovation and research of core software such as big data and artificial intelligence, the construction of national standard system, the development of international standards, and the deep integration and development of high-end application market, and to demonstrate the importance of controlling the international standard discourse of core technology for the development of software industry. The forum will focus on China's outstanding achievements in the field of big data on ISO/IEC international standards. The theme forum "Defining New Standards, Building New Technologies - Independent Core Software Development" will bring you a feast of independent technologies, and we look forward to seeing the future together with you.

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