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The strange things in the cryptocurrency world, do not look confused I lose

The coin circle is half stormy and half clear, the 3 o'clock sleepless group discussion is boiling, the fierce collision of various views not only touched out a lot of views also touched out a lot of interesting things, the two sessions on the blockchain concept of attention also exceeded people's expectations. But there is also a lot of negative news, not one or two thefts of trading platforms, landing projects for blockchain technology are still in the exploration stage, and daydreamers who just want to get rich without thinking ......

The cryptocurrency community is also a technology community, and hackers are probably more concerned about the changing trends of bitcoin than the speculators, thinking of making a profit without any effort, but there are always some clear streams that refresh our perception of the lower limit of the high and cold image of hackers. The hacker who has caused public outrage is none other than the fraudster virus, which invades users' computers and blocks important files so as to demand a fee. Imagine if your computer's treasured photos, office documents, emails and chat logs, and other important information were encrypted by a virus, would you bear the pain of giving them up, or bear the pain of paying a ransom of tens of thousands of dollars to the hacker? And now hackers are more keen on new payment methods that require payment of virtual currency.

However, the forest is full of all kinds of odd viruses, and the following extortionist viruses will definitely make you laugh and cry.

Good for the people.

Learn these two pieces of security information and you'll be declassified for free!

After encrypting files, the Koolova extortionist virus does not extort property, but demands to read two pieces of security information within a set period of time. As long as the trapped person is docile and educated, after reading the article, the hacker will hand over the decryption key or your files will be deleted. Word days, not for money, with a big educational agenda of universal cyber security, Koolova is a breath of fresh air in the virus world!

Good at disguising.

Fake Windows Update interface to hide under the radar

Fantom extortionist virus hijacks the desktop and spoofs the Windows Update screen when it encrypts files, and after waiting patiently for an hour for the "update", a ransom alert pops up to pay the ransom! In addition to panic, the person who was struck should be more than a little confused: excuse me?


No ransom, no encryption, just a scary picture to scare people.

It is said that the extortionist virus should come to ask for money, but there are really not in tune with the extortionist, not to encrypt files nor ransom, just put a shocking picture to dominate the computer desktop, more surprising is that the trapped person through the task manager can also directly close the dominating picture. Virus writer, are you sure you're not here to be funny?


Scan the QR code to pay the ransom in one click, SO EASY!

Extortionists often require trapped individuals to purchase the virtual currency Bitcoin and pay a ransom through an anonymous network, a cumbersome process and a high rate of payment failure for the average Internet user. In order to improve the user's poisoning experience, QrCode has opened a user-friendly "QR code" payment function, just scan the QR code in the screen, you can pay the ransom with one click, convenient and quick without change.

It's not just the hackers that are more bizarre.

A Brazilian priest, Father DosAnjos, was reportedly lost last week after going out with a friend who informed his family that the priest had been kidnapped and demanded three bitcoins from the family. The priest's family could not bear to lose their huge fortune and called the police.

The priest had no choice but to show himself and go to the police station to turn himself in. The priest has now been released but is under judicial surveillance and will soon face criminal charges and could face prison if found guilty.

It's amazing how the coin world works, Father Pi is probably scared of himself.

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