The street light industry's bearer, Sanshi wisdom street light is coming strongly

This year's Shanghai show is in full swing, complete innovation, First focus on urban landscape lighting development, Showcasing innovative solutions for global urban lighting。 A lighting industry event is about to open。 Many companies are already poised to launch, Shanghai Sansi is also coming on strong, Demonstrate with strength Sansi Smart Street Light of“ eighteen different kinds of martial arts”。

Sansi Smart Street Light

Sansum Smart Street Light Highlights I.

Through the multimedia devices (LED display and audio devices) loaded on the new smart streetlights, future citizen information release terminals, interactive terminals, and convenient transaction terminals can be integrated to collect citizens' personal consumption data, government opinion data, and enterprise advertising data.

Sansi Smart Street Light Highlight Two:

Through the wireless communication devices installed on the new smart street lights, it can realize the layout of micro base stations and full WIFI coverage in the park, which not only solves the problems of 4G network construction of operators, but also provides public or commercial WIFI services, which is the best integration solution to realize the informationization, mobility and broadband of smart cities and smart parks.

In recent years, the smart street light as the darling of the smart city construction, by virtue of "road everywhere" geographical advantage and the convenience of power supply with utility support, become a smart city in the smart node. It can be quite perfect as an important information transmission channel as well as carrying big data such as cultural and consumer information of the city.

Sanshi has a lot of experience in smart street light construction and has participated in many projects.

Zuoanmen West Street Composite Street Light Project

Beijing Lighting Center is making efforts to promote the construction of Beijing's smart city by creating smart streetlights as nodes. These smart streetlights can not only illuminate, but also charge electric vehicles, connect WIFI for mobile phones, monitor road video information, monitor PM2.5, and release information such as temperature, wind speed and air pressure, providing numerous convenient services for the general public's life.

Beijing's composite intelligent street light pole, the shape of the Tiananmen architectural features, golden bronze with auspicious cloud pattern pole base with beige pole, beautiful not like the strength of the school.

The project consists of 20 groups of smart street lights, 2 groups of sensors, and 16 groups of charging posts. The construction of composite light poles not only beautifies the environment around the road, but also avoids the unsynchronized and repeated construction of infrastructure, while saving investment and achieving resource integration and management intensification.

Jiangsu Hongze Smart Street Light Project

Jiangsu Hongze is the first city in China to apply a large-scale intelligent street lighting system. Hongze Housing and Urban Development Bureau to build a smart street light as a node to promote the "smart Hongze" construction, the use of light poles, a wide range of electricity, carrier network, close to residential areas and other features, the WIFI hotspot, wireless network, environmental testing and other functions into one, to provide a variety of convenient services for the public and the government.

The project consists of 3,000 smart dimming LED street lights, 31 smart street lights, 12 sets of sensors and the Star River system platform. LED intelligent street lights with high luminous efficiency, low light decay, low power consumption, good stability, coupled with intelligent dimming system, can automatically adjust the brightness according to the weather conditions and the size of the traffic flow, greatly enhance the efficiency of the use of electric power resources, to achieve "secondary energy saving".

This year's Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition is the first of its kind to showcase scenes. At the exhibition site, you will see the poetic lighting interactive installations, starry urban street lighting, the line of bridge design ...... Sans will also be showcasing its landscape lighting on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, hailed as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Modern World" by the British Guardian, is the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world and the largest bridge-tunnel combination project to date.As an important part of the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the technical and quality requirements of the lighting fixtures are very high, of which the LED lighting fixtures are exclusively supplied by Shanghai Sanshi.

Want to learn about the lighting hacks behind the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge? Then you won't want to miss this show. September 3-5, meet at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, together to decipher the black technology of Sanshi Lighting!

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