The thoughts behind whether blockchain cat ownership is making a comeback, or leading the way again

The thoughts behind whether blockchain cat ownership is making a comeback, or leading the way again

Last year , the blockchain cat breeding game CryptoKitties emerged and quickly attracted a large number of consumers, with the most successful sign of frenzied trading causing the underlying platform, the ethereum network, to crash. It has also become a beautiful story for everyone, and yesterday the mobile app has landed in the Chinese market.

Yesterday morning, CryptoKitties, the game officially entered the Chinese market (including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), taking the Chinese name "Puzzle Lovers" and making the Chinese market the first stop for mobile apps. I wonder how you feel about reading this.

Let's see what this blockchain cat farming game mobile app has to say

First Blockchain cat-raising game CryptoKitties' app is limited to 5,000 beta users, and officials say it's still being tested on Testflight.

The third also designed a limited edition series of cats, with four special editions of

In terms of blockchain game mobile app landing, the domestic can be said to be much earlier than this blockchain game ancestor Ether Cat, in January, Netease game launched "Netease Zhaocai Cat", in February this year, Baidu launched "Letz Dog", and in February 24 online demon catcher blockchain hand game, a few days less than offline.

Why was blockchain cat farming late in releasing a mobile app, and only now is it making a comeback, or is it just coming together, or is it leading the way again?

The first although dominating the first blockchain game EtherCat, CryptoKitties, is also currently showing signs of decline in its transaction numbers, despite the fact that CryptoKitties had created the largest blockchain game in terms of total transactions and volume.

Secondly there is news that CryptoKitties developer Axiom Zen has only made Axiom Zen sign an exclusive licensing deal with Hong Kong-based handicraft company Animoca Brands after unsuccessfully approaching mainland companies.

Thirdly according to the Fortune article, the current Chinese iOS version of CryptoKitties' package is likely to have been submitted to Apple for review, and also the blockchain game Ethercat wants to enter the Chinese region for listing. Apples also play a role.

The fourth person thinks that no matter how high the blockchain game is, if it is simply a combination of blockchain game and blockchain, without deep development, just a simple "ride on the blockchain" game and simple imitation, it is difficult to go far.

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