The value and appeal of the Ether Joker-Blockchain game

What is one of the values of the Ether Clown it?

To answer what it is worth, one needs to speak in terms of two attributes. The first is a collecting attribute and the second is a return attribute, which is also known as a return on investment attribute. Ether clown it is a blockchain raising game, each clown it is unique, he gets a gene more complex than the human genes, it is written directly on the face, that is to say, each one you have a clown, you can directly mention your Ether wallet inside, it is forever belongs to you, can not be destroyed and will not be lost.

One might ask, since it is a unique clown and it is unique, it is How do you earn money? of?

We have a limited number of clowns for sale in terms of collectible properties, and the platform produces one zero-generation clown every 15 minutes, with a total of 50,000 clowns, which is spread out over roughly less than two years to finish production. With a limited number of zero generation clowns, it's a natural value to come up if the number of people involved in Ether clowns grows and the number of people wanting to own clowns to adopt them grows. If people think about it in terms of a financial one it's simple, it's because it's an issue that is nowhere near enough to satisfy all the people who want to go adopt a clown, so it's naturally worth more, which is a standard business logic.

Just like the reality of having a cat and a dog, as you know many precious breeds it is very, very expensive, so why is it expensive? Because it's rare! We put this thing to 1.3 billion people or to 7 billion people around the world to see, Ether clown it will certainly be to attract a supply of demand, so that from the collection value, also decided clown it is a great investment space.

Is there another profitable one value for the Ether Clown?

First, if say you buy a clown it has enough of a genetic advantage, some special attributes that you can go earn, you can put it inside the breeding market. If you are a male clown, you are allowed to go to others and charge them, for example, if you have a female clown willing to breed with you, and you are genetically good enough, then the more you charge for breeding, the more people are paying you to breed with you. If you are a female clown, you are allowed to have new clowns come out, you have a new clown, that clown belongs to you, and you are allowed to take it and sell it.

Second, the Ether Clown can still go to work to earn money. Ether clowns are different from Ether cats, like last year's Ether cats, which at its highest price, a cat might sell for several million RMB. Ether clown in addition to this collection value mentioned earlier, it also has an investment value, Ether clown can go to work to gain income, this is now the blockchain pet raising game did not go to do, the platform is the first to do. If people go and feed their clowns and then go to work, you'll get your money back in about two and a half months or so, and that's a measurement model that the system has made. In terms of ROI, two and a half months back is also having a 100 percent return, it's actually pretty high. There may still be float in between, where does it come from? Source the more proceeds you get from the sale of starter jokers on the Ether Joker platform, the more your joker will be rewarded. Of course not every clown you can average to work, if your genes are good enough, then the more money you earn from working, if your genes are not good enough, then you earn less money from working than the genes are good, that's why the clown with good genes it is more expensive.

A total investment logic is actually still based on our entire ant colony communication network, the system will set custom tasks inside the platform's task channel, the characters are relatively simple can go to complete, we all have to do.With all the members of the colony spreading the word about the Ether Clowns to the digital currency circles and the various digital currency forums, there are bound to be a lot of other people coming in who want to adopt clowns and want to participate in this game. In this way IAC members have actually made a lot of money from them, this is also a cross-border idea that Mr. Santo often mentions, we are cross-border robbers, we are going to the field of digital currency to rob across the border, Ether Clown is our first step to cross out, it is not the same as Nui Nui and Wang Cai.

I hope you can understand one thing, we are an ecosystem, we are a big platform, we need to share the power of communication to spread the value of a role to do our cross-border ideas step by step, this is our IAC mission.

IAC can do it every time with precision placement!

IAC can do it every time it clicks for real!

IAC can make every point a business opportunity!

Every second IAC can make it is a treasure!

Because every second of it is true.

With everyone's earnings, it's relevant!

Find the most desired allies and share traffic resources!

Clown de Dream

I'm clown , I have dream.

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