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The value of 5G technology on the ground - three major changes coming in the internet age

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The real core value of 5G networks is to allow users to always be connected at high speed for high-speed information interaction. Generating epoch-driving changes to the Internet of Things, autonomous driving, enterprise communications and more.

In 2018, Huawei, oppo, Samsung and other companies have achieved certain breakthroughs in 5G technology, but the main focus is on the mobile phone side and related protocols, making the relevant audience believe that the future value of 5G is mainly reflected in telephone communication, but this is a very narrow and wrong understanding.

The most intuitive value of 5G is reflected in the fast speed and carrying capacity of its network propagation. 5G network propagation speed is several times faster than 4G network, its basic requirements and different from the wireless network, according to the relevant information, 5G network speed is 100 times faster than 4G network speed, bearing the network content has also achieved a qualitative improvement. If the technology is used only for cellular communications, it is too weak for its value.

In the longer term, the main goal of 5G networks is to keep end-users connected at all times, enabling rapid dissemination and interaction of information online via 5G, which has great value for use in autonomous driving, Internet of Things, and enterprise communication office applications.

High-frequency information interaction A boon for autonomous driving

Auto self-driving technology is receiving a lot of attention in the current Internet era, but it has to be said that the technology still needs to face information interaction barriers.

Self-driving cars need to collect peripheral information at all times and make guidance on that information feedback, and their propagation requirements for the network are extremely high. 5G's high speed and high carrying capacity effectively solve this problem.

The Coming of Age of the Internet of Things

The value of 5G technology will not be limited to mobile phones and autonomous driving, but in the Internet of Things, to regional information interaction and feedback at high speed. In the era of IoT, network transmission needs to support things such as smart watches, fitness wristbands, smart home devices such as bird's nest indoor thermostats, etc. People are counting on the huge demand for information carrying brought about by the realization of high-speed information interoperability and linkage between things and things, and efficient information linkage between things and people.

The high speed of 5G promises to bring the Internet of Things to life really fast.

Real change in corporate communications

Diversification of corporate communications today, from traditional mail, OA systems, video conferencing, extending to new technology upgrades, personal communications such as QQ, WeChat, and cloud inter-vision cloud video conferencing and other forms, from a single tendency to interconnected rapid. But the new changes brought by the 5G era are changes to the entire enterprise communication, putting the internal communication in a moment to moment communication, borderless communication and rapid change. For businesses, 5G is not only a communication change, but even a whole metamorphosis of the enterprise form.

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