The veil of the new beacon

Here's a quick New Year's greeting to you all.

Today we're going to talk about New Voyager, so you don't want to stop by and see how they brainwash their members.

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New Voyager: 2018 Inspirational Start

Since the last month, all the projects are being hacked, and the new beacon is no exception, especially around Chinese New Year, even sometimes the login is not good for the whole day, hackers blackmail and extortion, contact members and spread negative news.

But our members always believe in and follow the platform, in addition2 A leader told the hacker" I'll help the platform pay you.", It's so touching.。 There's no reason why the new beacon can't do well with such a powerful membership!

The platform's is the undead little strong, the Spring Festival also does not rest, constantly debugging the system, when concerned about the hacker's attack, upgrade protection, although the members are all around the acquaintances and friends, but also the need for constant communication, to afford the trust of friends and strong support.

Hacking is also to many costs costs and energy, but can not stop the platform's determination and partners unity support, there is such a resilient operation team, but also the new beacon to become the fundamental guarantee of this year's project circle dark horse.

As of today, Number of people on the platform30 human, It's been in beta for almost a month, There's a Chinese New Year in the middle, Actual number of people currently in the queue45 human, Members currently pending review30 human。 Already guaranteed to be on site next month。 planned control, Combined with an excellent system, Walk on for a solid year。

Immediately the physical landing of the new navigator. The trader wouldn't have such a long term plan without a pattern.

Is the higher the interest rate on a program the better? June can see that any project has people working on it, even if the system and model sucks. Many short-lived programs that ring up money even have monthly returns of 70-100%, while **Homes has been running for almost 20 months with supposedly only 30% monthly return on charge sheets. New Voyager's monthly return of 40-60% is not too high and not too low, which is one of the standards for long-lasting programs.

What exactly is the determining factor for a program to make it big and long? Veteran players understand that it is the resilient and committed operations team and a group of hardcore fan members who strongly support the platform. It is fundamental that new beacons weather the storm and continue to break in and go on for 1 or 2+ years.

Families, 2018 has officially kicked off, do you have a wish from 2017 that didn't come true? Roll up your sleeves and make your 2018 one without regrets!!! Do not complain, do not give up, do not be afraid, Tsinghua Daibei Daibei Daibei is not as bold, prove to others with action: I can do it!!!

February 2018

New Voyager: 2018 Inspirational Start

How does it look? Doesn't it look attractive?, exact。 So let's break it down rationally, First hacking? Hackers come every day to hit you with a little disk? Think about it with your smart heads.。 That's a lot of hackers., Amusing members or deluding yourself or covering your ears。。。 Your own website doesn't work and you blame hackers every day, Don't be ridiculous.。 We've all been treated like idiots.? without further ado, Just stop yourself, people.。 And a couple of protection dogs., Let's meet., But I have to say the mouth of the protection dog is really good, Black can be said to be white.。 It's obvious that you're trying to make money and you're making yourself sound so high and mighty。

One of the protection dogs

Protective Dogs II

Protective Dogs No. 3

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