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The vivoX21 creates a new experience of self-driving, making it more poetic to say goodbye to a trip

I believe most of us have experienced urban life first hand, with its orderliness, fast pace of life and the unwillingness to be mediocre souls everywhere. However, when the rush of life becomes a norm, we should perhaps pay attention to our physical and mental state from time to time, and wash our minds with "poetry and distant places" to make our next journey more powerful.

Not long ago, Vivo teamed up with Lexus to launch the Tengchong Extreme Edge Tour, and after about a week, the event came to a perfect end. When it comes to the cooperation between the Lexus NX and Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition, the protagonists of the Tengchong Extreme Edge Tour, one is a leader in the mobile phone industry and the other is a luxury car brand with an outstanding reputation. Both parties may not seem to have much intersection in terms of market, products or business, but Vivo has joined hands with Lexus to create a new era of intelligent self-driving tour with practical performance, making the said trip more poetic and pleasant.

Let's follow the footsteps of @FatGuyYangLee in the automotive industry and review this journey of "poetry and distant lands".

Jovi is also a unique and soothing experience for long flights

Before the maturity of artificial intelligence, we had very many precautions to take while travelling, keeping in mind the travel time, carrying around a heavy travel guide, and such trivialities such as these made taking on unnecessary mental stress during the journey. The Jovi Assistant on the Vivo X21 Black Gold takes away these worries, with smart scenes built into the phone that will automatically help you integrate important information in your phone and remind you of your travel time in a timely manner, so you don't have to worry about the dilemma of missing your flight, while the weather, road conditions, travel routes and hotels are displayed in the negative screen at a glance. On day one of @FatGuyYangLee's trip to the extreme edge of Tengchong, we can see Jovi Assistant playing such a sweet role.

At the same time, bored on the go, Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition can also be transformed into your portable gaming machine, 6.28-inch 19:9 full-screen, up to 90.3% screen-to-body ratio to bring a stronger visual impact, the game also has a larger field of view advantage. Also with the addition of Jovi gaming engine, it provides sufficient performance support for games by intelligently allocating system resources to guarantee full-blooded output of the processor and graphics processor, adding more fun to the journey.

AI smart photos to record the different beauty of Tengchong

For the Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition's popular photo feature, @FatGuyYangLee couldn't wait to experience it on the plane, and the straight-out samples were very satisfying. Hardware, vivo X21 with 2x12 megapixel (24 million light-sensitive unit) camera, support full pixel dual-core extreme focus, algorithm with the use of AI artificial intelligence technology in the field of photography, can be based on different scenes intelligent switch different parameters, intelligent recognition of photos in the landscape, portrait, food and other 17 big scenes, intelligent matching the best camera parameters, so that a casual shot is a blockbuster.

Even in the aerial shots from the plane, facing direct sunlight, the Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition remains undaunted, the samples are layered, the plane wings are clear, the distant blue sky and evening sunshine do not appear overexposed, and many details of the clouds are preserved. The X21 Black Gold layout is comfortable with backlit scenes, thanks to the AI Backlight Photo technology on board, which is able to control the brightness of the subject while ensuring that no overexposure occurs, and the excellent algorithm is truly second to none.

On the second day of the trip to Tengchong, @FatGuyYangLee went to the ancient town of Heshun to experience the local tea ceremony culture, "loading, fumigation, tea kneading..." and every other process, which made him deeply appreciate the hard work of "tea". In the portrait sample shot by @FatGuyYangLee, the face of the tea-picking beauty remains clear in the backlight scene, while with the AI beauty algorithm, the face is smooth and natural, and the texture of the portrait is called out.

In the natural scenery of Tengchong taken during the day, the Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition performs very well in the daytime with plenty of light, the sky, foliage, building color reproduction, and white balance are all at a high level, and the samples are fully saturated in exchange for a more pleasing style and forgiveness.

No matter what kind of shooting scenes you face on the go, the AI smart camera is very precise in tuning the parameters, so taking the X21 with you is like being a professional photographer, recording beautiful moments at hand and making blockbuster shots with ease.

AI intelligent driving, creating a new experience of self-driving

The third day, the drive is still on the road, the ancient town, volcanoes, hot sea are a beautiful scenery on the drive of this "Tengchong trip". The journey was supported by the superb power of the Lexus NX, and the X21 Black Gold Edition AI smart driving experience was a hit with @FatboyYangLee.

Unlike normal navigation software, Jovi's AI Smart Drive can enable global voice control in driving mode, so that even if a call comes in during navigation, it will not interrupt the process of navigation and can be answered or not with voice control, so that the driver can better stay focused during driving, which is safer and more humane.

It is worth mentioning that AI Smart Drive also has a built-in "Parking Find Car" function, which will automatically help you record the parking location when you park outdoors and visit scenic spots, and display it clearly on the "negative screen" of your phone, perfectly solving the problem of not being familiar with the way to find a car on the return trip.

What does the best driving tour look like? Perhaps Vivo's AI Smart Drive is a good start, and I believe it will also push phone makers to focus more on multi-scenario use of their phones in the future.

Complementing its humanistic background, the Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition is equally well crafted

In addition to its magnificent natural landscape, Tengchong is also a very humane place. Oil paper umbrellas and clay pottery in particular have a very long history in the Tengchong area. "On the fourth day of the Tengchong Tour, @FatGuyYangLee seems to have been convinced by the performance of the Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition. With the AI smart camera, the straight-out results are equally good for both crafts and portraits, bringing out the rich humanity of Tengchong in more detail.

When it comes to artwork, Vivo X21 Black Gold Edition is also a representative of mobile phone craft design. X21 Black Gold Edition has black as the core color of the body, 3D glass and aurora micro-arc two processes to highlight the texture, when the fashionable gold touches the low-key black, the steady jump with a touch of the right amount of vitality, high-end temperament, interpretation of "Vivo Black Gold aesthetics" charm, fine polishing, made under multiple processes, and the accumulation of three hundred years of production technology in Tengchong, has a similarity.

The X21 Black Gold Edition turns into a food expert in seconds with Tenggong on the tip of your tongue

On the last day of the trip, I felt the beauty of the changing scenery brought about by the steaming water in the Hot Spring Scenic Area, and also witnessed the exclusive food belonging to Tengchong, @FatGuyYangLee In addition to seeing the first of Yunnan's 18 monsters - eggs sold on skewers with grass, there were also steamers filled with fragrant peanuts.

When you are taking pictures of food, the camera will automatically recognize and switch to food mode, and with the P3 color gamut camera, the samples are more saturated and the food looks more mouth-watering.

Saying you're going to travel wisely is just the beginning of the tube

The "Tengchong Extreme Edge Tour" between Vivo and Lexus is an unprecedented experience in the history of self-driving. "

From the thoughtful reminder of Jovi smart scenes at the time of departure, the AI smart driving during the Tengchong drive makes users feel a new driving experience, and the parking and car search function shows the humanity of everything. Whether it's the natural scenery of Tengchong or the human scenery, it's mastered perfectly with the AI boost. X21 Black Gold Edition quickly helps users to produce beautiful pictures straight out with one click by automatically adjusting the parameters in different scenes, and the beauty belonging to Tengchong from multiple angles.

All in all, as the Vivo Jovi AI system continues to mature, self-driving trips have also changed from manual operation to smarter human-machine interaction, bringing a lot of convenience and comfort to the trip. What's even more exciting is the new layout of Jovi AI - a post-IoT era that encompasses smart travel and smart home opened from the Smart Engine. Smart travel is just the beginning of a small trial, and there are many surprises waiting for everyone in the future.

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