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The whole picture at a glance! This is the road to opening up China's central bank digital currency

Note: This article is reproduced from Little Onion App It presents in detail the latest patent paper data, the most comprehensive deployment progress, and the most in-depth analysis of the results of China's central bank on the layout of legal digital currency, welcome to read ~

Digital currencies and the new blockchain technology behind them have attracted a lot of attention from the global financial community, especially from central banks. The spurt of private digital currencies has also brought a strong market thrust and powerful technical support for countries around the world to explore innovative upgrades to their monetary systems.

China's central bank has paid early attention to digital currency, and has never stopped its research-based and practical exploration in the field since it established a legal digital currency research group in 2014. In the past two years, the People's Bank of China has initiated the establishment of a digital currency research institution, absorbed many digital currency and blockchain professional and technical talents, frequently held work deployment meetings to promote the issuance of legal digital currency, and at the same time actively declared the world's leading number of blockchain and digital currency technology patents, and published a large number of theoretical discussions and application research papers and articles in the direction of blockchain and digital currency ......

It can be said that the Chinese central bank is a global pioneer and leader in the research and layout of legal digital currency issuance

In order to explore the development dynamics of China's central bank on legal digital currency, Little Onion App collects and comprehensively combs the central bank's technology patents, papers, talent introduction, alliance cooperation and policy dynamics articles in the field of blockchain and digital currencyTotal over 300 articles , the analysis concludes that the Chinese central bank on the legal digital currency Latest patent paper data Most comprehensive deployment progress , and Most detailed analysis of results . We hereby publish "Legal Digital Currency Leaders: the Central Bank of China's Digital Currency Research Report 2014-2018" for the benefit of our readers.

For more information on the Central Bank, follow us for continuous updates.

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