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The work thing - the thing between front-end and visual/interactive

Here I go again. The job is long, to put it mildly. It's also been 10 years. I used to think 10 years was such a big, big number, and hearing someone say he'd been working for 10 years felt like ages. Now that I've been working for 10 years myself, it still feels like 10 years isn't really that long. Because there are only more challenges to face with what you have to learn, and they don't decrease with more years of work.

At the beginning of the year, I approached East for a chat. Tony is our UED leader, didn't really work with him much in particular but have seen his work and really liked it.

Once I said to Tung, I used to do design too, want to see what I did? East asked, when was it? I said '09. "Then it seems you're confident in your work!" I later looked at East's contemporaries and I said, "East, you're doing the same stuff I copied back then. East talked to me for a few minutes about things he cared about, like details. The same few words spaced 5 pixels apart and 10 pixels apart. The difference in the middle is not just 5 pixels, but also expresses the idea that this product is trying to convey to the user.

We do front-end and whenever we work with visuals, we always complain that it's just 1 pixel and the user can't see it. Sometimes we are racking our brains to achieve visual spacing between two modules. Incidentally, this kind of workload doesn't actually count as hours worked.

I remember when I was doing the mall, Snow made a 0.5 pixel line at the time, I dismissed it at the time, I said no, 0.5 pixels would be considered 1 pixel, told Snow about physical pixels, device pixels, and confused Snow. Snow said, good sister, you think of a way, you see Taobao are available.

Later, we found a number of ways to achieve 0.5 pixels.

This is actually a very small example.

What I'm trying to say is. Sometimes, persistence and collaboration often accomplish more than just a product.

I approached East earlier in the year to talk about the interaction. Perhaps the last two years to do more front-end to do, the first idea to receive the demand is how to achieve, whether the performance can be optimized, whether it can be extended. The big framework picture of the product is still missing in my head. In other words, not seeing things in heels yet.

We tend to say that the integrity of the product is more important than perfection. So, is it possible to make a little more perfect on top of the complete ,?

In a meeting with our group of pals last Sunday, I said. I want to be able to make something that we can be proud of ourselves, not just go out and show the numbers. We do more than just front-end

Because of time constraints at the time, I didn't go into more depth about what I thought. I think I want us to have a team, each one of us, to have our own special place, to be able to have our own competitive place. This way teamwork is more able to complement each other's strengths and not necessarily one person entirely having to do everything.

I am happy that every student on the team is serious and responsible, thinking about the desire to make the product work.

I should also cheer up and do more good for everyone.

Colored eggs.

So far, successively had been involved in the headline, live front-end students. The youngest is 92 years.

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