The world is abuzz! Just now, Huawei officially announced a partnership with Audi!

Just now, Huawei dropped a big bombshell out of nowhere: joining forces with Audi to transform cars and launch a new smart connected car!

You read that right, Huawei is getting into cars. But Huawei isn't building its own cars, it's using big data and artificial intelligence to transform the traditional cars on the road.

Huawei's first target for transformation, the It's our household name, Audi, working together to put a brain in the car and get it connected for L4 level autonomous driving.

What does L4 mean? Truly driverless, with full control via sensors, radar, imagery, and data, completely without a driver.

In other words, Audi is responsible for building the car, Huawei is responsible for putting a chip in the car, accessing the cloud and super network, so that the car automatically can drive and think!

The words hadn't even left my mouth! Huawei moved up to an Audi Q7 in front of everyone. This is the same Audi Q7 that blew up the tech scene and sent traditional cars into a complete panic!

Audi Q7 , which everyone just knows as the Audi luxury SUV. But not today's, no driver, no touching the steering wheel the whole time, and getting home safely.

Huawei officially announced that HuaweiMDC The mobile data center has been integrated into the prototype of the Audi Q7! And it was shown live, in front of everyone!

MDC Mobile Data Centre , is the brain that Huawei put in the car. Can process data from 16 cameras, 6 millimeter wave radars, and 16 ultrasonic radars.

What's shocking is that This data center has a computational performance of up to 352 TOPS and already supports L4 level self-driving computing with latency below 200 ms.

Who would have thought that Huawei, who is fighting in the field of mobile phones and chips, suddenly took a shot at cars, and once they did, it was an Audi, and once they did, they don't have a driver!

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