There should be applause here! WorldPing successfully won the Beijing government's agreement procurement project

Recently, Beijing municipal administrative institutions 2018-2019 office equipment agreement procurement project government procurement project award announcement to the public, Shi Ping information to become the Beijing municipal administrative institutions office equipment agreement procurement supplier brand, independent research and development of SEPIN Data Leakage Protection System, SEPINDatabase audit system WorldPing Data Desensitization System Successfully shortlisted for the procurement of information security products in item 7 of the office equipment agreement supplier.

The shortlisting for the municipal government procurement project marks another market and user recognition for Seppin Information's brand and data security products, opening up new horizons for Seppin's data security governance.

Hangzhou Shiping Information Technology Co.

Founded in 2010, it focuses on core technologies and innovations in the field of data security governance and data value mining. Around data protection and value mining, through the application of intelligent technology, we establish a data visualization model that meets the application scenarios of users. From critical infrastructure Information Security Risk assessment, database confidentiality check, privacy information security assessment, data security check, data value utilization, data security services and other modules to achieve intelligent security management and application of data

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