These are some gods you may not have heard of, but they're fun as hell!

Brother Man Lee

If you've been following Brother Lee for a long time, you should know that besides being a PPT designer, I'm also a tool person who often likes to toss some weird and wonderful software or tools.

Today we have a few recommendations for you, you may not have heard of any of them, but they are really fun, check them out.



The first godsend is called MOSH This is a glitch effect generation site.

What is the glitch effect? You should see it often in some suspenseful movies or TV shows, for example, the TV surveillance screen suddenly glitches and the screen blurs and flickers.

The home page of this site looks like this, very clean and simple, and you can upload images by clicking on the USE image File on the left.

After uploading, on the right side we can see many glitch effects, with pixelation, shaking, dot matrix, bad TV, and other effects.

Tap mosh to randomly generate, in the upper left corner of the page, you can also switch to video form, tap record to record, the recording is finished for the GIF of the motion picture.

2、 Background Burner


The second magic tool is called Background Burner It's an online keying wizard, and it's free!

The front page of the site looks like this, it's an English site and I used Google to translate it.

First we upload a picture of the same young lady above.

The system will automatically process it and when it is done it will provide several processed images, choose the one you think is the best and click on optimize or download.

Here we choose the first one.

If you want to optimize you can click on touch-ups, and when you enter the interface there are two buttons "," in the upper left corner, "" is to restore the deleted part, "" is to continue to delete the part that needs to be keyed out, and then paint directly on the left side of the screen. On the right is a preview showing the preview effect in real time.

The result after deductions is still very good. Adjust and download the image by clicking "Finish" in the bottom right corner!

This site, also has the ability to replace the background for deducted images, like this.

3、 Bigjpg

The third artifact is called Bigjpg This is a site where images are processed in high definition.

Usually some pictures of very small size are not very clear after enlargement, and this magic tool is a good solution to this problem, to enlarge the pictures losslessly.

Remember some of the scenes from the movie?

A worn and blurred old photograph often becomes a clue to solving a crime, relying on the restoration techniques of the picture.

First open the website and upload a photo.

Clicking on Start brings up a window where we can make a selection of the parameters to be optimized. There are three main options for image type, magnification, and also noise reduction level.

Once you've made your selection, click OK, then wait a little while, about 1-2 minutes, for the optimization to complete and then you can click download.



The fourth artifact is called the geektyper This is the site that simulates the interface of a hacked computer.

I'm sure many of you have a dream of hacking and seeing those hackers in the movies pounding away at their keyboards and computer screens walking fast with code, that's a cool one.

This site will give you a taste of what it's like to be a hacker for once, you just have to hit your keyboard and the code will keep flying out, isn't that very cool.

That's it for today, isn't it fun.

BY Brother Lee

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